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Vontae Davis, Dwayne Allen both leave Colts game with injuries

The Colts will be without cornerback Vontae Davis (concussion) and tight end Dwayne Allen (ankle) for the rest of tonight's game.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

As if that first half for the Colts wasn't bad enough (because it was bad), they also suffered injuries to two key players.  Cornerback Vontae Davis was taken to the locker room late in the first half with what has been diagnosed as a concussion, while tight end Dwayne Allen suffered an ankle injury that will also keep him out for the rest of the game.

With Davis out for the rest of the game, the Colts will be without their top four cornerbacks for the second half.  They entered the game without starter Greg Toler and nickel corner Darius Butler (who filled in for Toler last week), while their number four corner, D'Joun Smith, was placed on injured reserve with the designation to return this week.  Now, Davis is out, and that leaves just Jalil Brown, Sheldon Price, and Eric Patterson.  Ouch.

As for Dwayne Allen, we don't really have much information other than that it's an ankle injury, but it's another injury for a player who has struggled with a lot of them over the past couple of years.  Hopefully it's nothing serious, but it's not good that Allen is injured again.