The 0-2 start falls squarely on Andrew Luck's shoulders

I love Andrew Luck. I think he has every opportunity to be the best QB in football in the next few years, and was a top 3 QB last year. I'm thrilled to have him and there is no other player at any position besides Aaron Rodgers that I would rather have.

That said, we are 0-2 because of Andrew Luck. You can blame Grigson for not building the Offensive Line. You can blame Pagano and the coaching staff for play calling and lack of preparation, etc. You can blame the O Line for not giving Luck a ton of time or Gore for his fumble (man that hurt) or injuries as we didn't have our top 3 CB's for most of this game. They all play a part. But by far, the biggest reason we are 0-2 is a great Andrew Luck has played poorly in his first 2 games.

Luck had plenty of opportunities to make plays, and flat out didn't. He has complete control over the offense, including checking down to other plays and has all the input in the world on what plays to run. He has excellent skill players and really had enough time to pass more often than not. Sure, he was under pressure, but so is every QB that plays the Jets and Bills. Brady finds a way to get it done. Peyton finds a way. The best find a way. Andrew Luck is our franchise player and yes, we are very dependent on him to do something, maybe too dependent. He fumbled, he through multiple picks (maybe 1 was on the line), he CHALLENGED REVIS WITH ROOKIE DORSETT DOWNFIELD MULTIPLE TIMES?!?!?!?! He made multiple bad decisions and poor plays. It is what it is, and Luck has not been up to his past standard of excellence, and thus, we are 0-2 against 2 teams that will finish in the 7-9 or 8-8 range.

A poor year may cost Pagano his job. It may cost Grigson as well. But so far, both losses fall squarely on Luck, and his inability to move this offense, keep the defense off the field, and score any points despite the multiple opportunities. Not sure where to go with this, and not even sure what point I want to make other than you will see lots of blame going in lots of directions for the next week. But the blame truly belongs to one man.

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