Pagano's words: Immature or accurate?

I know everyone is angry with what Pagano said, but in a way he’s right. Was it the most professional? No, and while I want to see Pagano light a fire under his guys, that was not the way to do it. But that doesn’t mean his words were not accurate.

First, it was a shot at Grigsy for not building the OL. I have been a Grigson fan from day 1, but the lack of OL improvement in his 4th year is inexcusable. Sure, injuries have played a part, but the complete lack of talent within our interior line is flat out inexcusable. For this reason, I am fine with moving on from Grigson after this year. Second, it was a shot at Luck, who has been terrible so far. The OL is about the same talent and execution level as it has been. Go position by position and tell me this is a worse line than when we had Satele and McGlynn starting side by side. It’s not. They are not improved (see blame for Grigson) but they really are not worse. Despite this, Luck is not making plays like he has in the past. Were they superhuman unbelievable plays? Yes! But that is why Luck was/is poised to become the highest paid player of all time. We all have known that Luck has covered inept play from certain parts of this roster in the past, but now that he has the same type of talent blocking for him and easily his best set of skill players, how is he performing at an all-time low?

You can blame Pep, and I would be fine with him leaving today. But didn’t he call the plays for the #1 passing offense last year? With the same TY, a much lesser Moncrief, a washed up Nicks and a hurt and aging Wayne? How is it that we get AJ (better than Nicks even though he hasn’t been special), Moncrief is clearly improved and we add in a talented back named Gore and we get so much worse? It’s not in the play calling, or at least that’s not the majority of it.

Barring a Super Bowl win, I will be fine if we replace GM, HC and OC this year (Manusky has been solid this year but might as well replace DC if we are cleaning house). Those guys haven’t done enough to get Luck, a clear superstar, enough talent on OL, Defensive playmakers, and in a position to make plays. In the past, Luck has been special enough to get a flawed team to the verge of the SB, but clearly not good enough to go all the way. But this year, Luck is not good enough right now for whatever reason to get us "on the verge". No, he can’t win a SB on his own, but he has gotten us within a game virtually on his own due to his spectacular play. We need a better OL, D Playmakers and coaching to get us to the SB. But more than anything, we need Luck to step up to even be in the conversation. I think Pagano is frustrated at his own inability to get this team over the top, I think he is frustrated at Grigson not getting a better OL, I think he is frustrated that his man Chud is not the OC. These are all valid frustrations. But more than anything, I think he is frustrated that he is seeing Andrew Luck go from superstar to pretty poor this year. Maybe he (and some of us fans) expect too much from Luck, but after seeing him deliver over and over in the past under pressure it’s beyond frustrating to see him bomb his 1st 2 games.

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