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2015 NFL Winning Stats Predictor Picks: Week 3

Each week we'll predict each game using the Winning Stats, as well as make picks as if we're competing in the Las Vegas SuperContest.

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

That was a bloodbath last week, wasn't it? There have been weeks where we see several underdogs win straight up, but last week saw eight underdogs win games, with the afternoon slate of games seeing the underdog win all three. What does that usually mean? Straight Up picks don't look so hot, and the Predictor went just 6-10 picking winners, but if you are in a confidence pick pool, you probably didn't do too bad. I was only 5 points from winning mine despite the sub-par record (I beat a guy who went 10-6). I'm not sure it can get much worse in terms of record as last week, so best to get it out of the system early. Season record now 16-16.

Against the Spread was a much better week, going 9-7, which brings our season record up to 17-14-1. My SuperContest picks did nicely once again, going 4-1 and bringing our season record to 8-2. Those underdogs we talked about earlier? They worked out nicely in this contest. Let's keep the train going:

  • Redskins +3.5 at Giants
    Mentioned this in my Colts preview article yesterday. It went horribly wrong. Woof.
  • Bengals +2.5 at Ravens
    This seems like a "too good to be true" line, as you'd expect the Ravens to play like their season is on the line. However, it always seems teams in "must win" always fall short (like this exact team did in Houston late last year). The Bengals won in Baltimore last year, and I think they do it again.
  • Panthers -4.5 vs. Saints
    I don't care if Drew Brees plays or doesn't play, and I don't care that the actual line will be somewhere around 3. I love the Panthers this season and win easily to go to 3-0. I think Sean Payton won't make it through the season either. A trainwreck that is flying under the radar.
  • Colts -3 at Titans
    Read my preview here. Colts by a TD.
  • Bills +3 at Dolphins
    The Dolphins opened the season against two of the worst teams in the NFL (WAS and JAC), and looked awful in both games, squeaking a win out in Week 1 thanks to a 4th quarter punt return. Their stepping up a few weight classes in their home opener against a team that's played a slightly tougher schedule, looking to take some frustrations from last week out on a division opponent. Bills win straight up.

Here are the rest of your Week 3 picks:

Home Score Away Score Probability
Giants 23 Redskins 26 57.1%
Vikings 24 Chargers 23 52.1%
Browns 21 Raiders 24 55.9%
Ravens 19 Bengals 24 64.6%
Panthers 27 Saints 17 75.2%
Cowboys 28 Falcons 24 61.2%
Texans 24 Buccaneers 15 71.9%
Titans 21 Colts 27 66.7%
Rams 25 Steelers 29 59.1%
Patriots 28 Jaguars 20 70.4%
Jets 25 Eagles 18 66.7%
Cardinals 25 49ers 23 55.4%
Seahawks 30 Bears 20 75.4%
Dolphins 20 Bills 26 66.1%
Lions 18 Broncos 26 70.2%
Packers 27 Chiefs 22 64.4%