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Colts vs. Titans: Five Questions with Music City Miracles about the Titans and this Sunday's matchup

Stampede Blue talks with Music City Miracles' Jimmy Morris about the Titans and the upcoming matchup against the Colts.

Scott R. Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

With the Indianapolis Colts facing the Tennessee Titans this Sunday, Stampede Blue's Josh Wilson talked with Music City Miracles' Jimmy Morris about the Titans and this Sunday's matchup.  The questions are in bold and then Jimmy's responses follow.

1.  We have to begin with Marcus Mariota, who was the second overall pick in the draft and the new face of the franchise.  How has he looked so far with the Titans?  Just how different is it for the team to actually have a legitimate option at quarterback?

He has been really good so far.  You know all about his record setting week 1, and last week he still hung in there and played pretty well even while he was getting hit and hit a lot.  He still has some things to work on, not fumbling when he gets hit for instance, but so far everyone is convinced that the Titans have finally found their guy.

It is really impossible to explain how different it is. The sky is bluer.  The roses smell better...anyway, everyone knows you have to have a franchise quarterback.  The Titans have one now and it is really exciting.

2.  The Colts have their own offensive line concerns, but the Titans line is arguably just as bad, if not worse.  How big of a concern is that for the team?

It is a big concern and has been for some time now, and it doesn't help anything that Chance Warmack is out for a couple of weeks with a knee injury.  They reshuffled the unit after the first week of the preseason inserting rookie Jeremiah Poutasi at right tackle and moving Byron Bell to left guard.  It is still a work in progress.

3.  The Titans are currently ranked fourth in the NFL in total defense - is that indicative of the expectations for the unit this year, or is it simply the result of a small sample size?

The result of a small sample size.  They are better on defense this year than they were last, but they still have a lack of talent on that side of the ball.  I would expect them to be a middle of the pack defense at the end of the year.

4.  How big of an impact has Dick LeBeau had on the Titans defense?

He has had an impact for sure.  You can watch some of the blitzes they have dialed up so far and see LeBeau's finger prints.  There is no doubt that his presence has been felt on that side of the ball.  This is the Titans second year running the 3-4, and who better to help with the transition than a Hall of Fame defensive coordinator?

5.  If you were the Colts, how would you attack the Titans (knowing what you do of Tennessee's strengths and weaknesses)?

Throw the long ball.  The Titans are vulnerable in the secondary with Jason McCourty out.  Johnny Football got them twice last week with throws down the field.  That is what makes me extremely nervous about this game because that is what the Colts do best.

Thanks again to Jimmy for taking the time to answer these questions, and be sure to check out Music City Miracles for complete coverage from the Titans side of things!