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Woman reportedly injured by falling object as Lucas Oil Stadium roof opens

According to eyewitness reports from the Lucas Oil Stadium, a woman was injured by a falling object as the stadium roof opened at halftime.

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Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this offseason the Indianapolis Colts proposed a new rule that would allow teams with retractable roofs to open or close them at halftime of a game, and it was passed at the owner's meetings.  That new rule is not off to a good start, however.  The Colts decided to open the roof at halftime of tonight's game, but according to reports from the game, an object fell from the roof as it was opening and hit a woman in the head.

WISH TV's Jeff Wagner reported this from the game after talking with eyewitnesses:

According to the Indianapolis Star's Michael Anthony Adams, eyewitnesses described an object - described by one person as a large bolt - fall and deflect off the wall behind the section and then hit the woman in the head.  She left with a cloth on her head but was taken out in a wheelchair instead of a stretcher.

Obviously this isn't good news whatsoever and out thoughts and prayers are with the woman who was reportedly injured tonight.  We will have more information as it becomes available, but it sounds as if the Colts' new rule change isn't off to a good start.

UPDATE: It sounds as if a bolt from the roof did indeed fall off and hit a woman in the head (and injure a couple of others), who suffered "non-life threatening injuries."  So it sounds as if the fan(s) will be ok, but it's a scary experience to have something fall from the roof as it is opening.

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