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Andrew Luck limited during open portion of Colts' Wednesday practice

According to reports out of Indianapolis, Colts quarterback Andrew Luck - who is rumored to be playing with an injury - was very limited during the open portion of Wednesday's practice.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

On Sunday, there were rumors that Colts quarterback Andrew Luck was playing injured.  The media finally got around to asking Luck about it on Monday, and he brushed it off, saying that "you feel bumps and bruises" as a result of playing a physical game.  The quarterback is clearly beat up, the only question is whether that qualifies as "injured" or is simply the normal effects of playing football - after all, everyone is sore and bruised after games, but not everyone is injured.

We don't know anything for sure, but with the backdrop of the injury rumors comes this from Wednesday's open portion of Colts practice: Andrew Luck appeared to be very limited during the media availability, with Matt Hasselbeck and newly-signed practice squad quarterback Alex Tanney taking the reps.

Again, we know that Luck is beat up, so this may just simply be a way of helping him recover from that.  But it could just as likely be that Luck is dealing with an injury.  Because, as Chappell notes, this isn't a normal occurrence for Luck, who normally takes the majority of the reps no matter what.

It's not time to freak out yet, but this is very interesting and does raise a lot of question marks and intrigue, especially in light of the injury talk.  Again, an injury wouldn't excuse some of the bad decisions that Luck has made with the football during the first three weeks of the season, but it would still be incredibly significant, considering the fact that Luck is crucial to the Colts' success.  Hopefully we'll get some clarification from head coach Chuck Pagano after practice.  Don't freak out yet, but this situation is interesting to say the least.  Stay tuned to Stampede Blue for updates.

UPDATE: Chuck Pagano confirmed that Andrew Luck was limited in practice on Wednesday with an injury to his throwing shoulder.  Luck is day to day and Pagano is "supremely confident" the quarterback will play Sunday.