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Lucas Oil Stadium ranked first in NFL stadium experience for fifth straight year

Lucas Oil Stadium was ranked first among NFL stadiums in fan experience for the fifth straight year by Stadium Journey.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Indianapolis Colts' home stadium was once again ranked the best in the NFL when it comes to fan experience by Stadium Journey.

The magazine's annual ranking again ranked Lucas Oil Stadium first in the NFL, the fifth consecutive year that the Colts' stadium has topped the list. It also ranks 10th overall in fan experience among all sports.  The first year that Stadium Journey released the ranking was in 2011, when Lucas Oil was number one among NFL stadiums.  Every year since then, the Colts' home has stayed atop the rankings.

The ranking is based on seven categories, which each receives a rating between one and five stars.  Lucas Oil Stadium was given four stars in the food and beverage category, five stars in the atmosphere category, five stars in the neighborhood category, five stars in the fans category, four stars in the access category, five stars in the return on investment category, and five stars in the extras category.  "This is one stadium journey that will live up to the hype," Stadium Journey writes.

The recognition is all about the fan experience rather than the quality of the stadium, though Lucas Oil Stadium would very likely rank highly in that area as well.  The stadium has been the home of the Colts since 2008, has hosted several games of the NCAA basketball tournament, the Big Ten football championship game, and a Super Bowl.  It's a testament to Colts fans for creating a tremendous atmosphere to watch a game at which, when combined with the quality of the stadium, makes it deserving of the recognition on this list.