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Chris Foerster hired as offensive line coach of the Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins tonight announced that they hired Chris Foerster as their offensive line coach, who reportedly was offered the same position with the Indianapolis Colts.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins have begun filling their coaching staff under new head coach Adam Gase, and one of the notable hires that they made was hiring Chris Foerster as their offensive line coach.  This is practical to the Indianapolis Colts as well, as FOX Sports' Alex Marvez on Sunday reported that the Colts had offered Foerster their offensive line coach opening.

Assuming that Marvez's report was true, this means that Foerster turned down the Colts' offer to instead accept Miami's.  Of course, we don't know too many details at this point, as the Colts haven't even announced an offensive line coach opening. FOX Sports' Mike Garafolo reported that one of the Colts' two offensive line coaches (either Joe Gilbert or Hal Hunter) has their contract expiring, while the other could be fired (though the Colts haven't announced that yet).  It could be, then, that the Colts only had interest in replacing the coach whose contract was up and bringing in Foerster to work with the other one, which could be the reason he opted for the Miami opening.  This is all just speculation of course because we have very few details, but all we know is that a report this past weekend said that the Colts had offered Chris Foerster their offensive line coach position while today the Dolphins announced that he was their new line coach.

So, basically, we still don't know much about what the Colts are doing with their coaching staff.  It remains to even be confirmed that the Colts have an opening at their offensive line coach position, but FOX Sports has been reliable with the Colts' coaching search so far and so there's no reason to doubt that the Colts are looking for a new offensive line coach - probably in place of whichever coach has his contract expiring.  According to Marvez, the Colts also interviewed John Benton and Pat Flaherty for the opening, so perhaps they will now be options.  Ultimately, Chris Foerster accepted a job with the Miami Dolphins despite interest from the Colts - such is life as an assistant coach in the NFL.