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Rams moving to Los Angeles, Colts will play there in 2017

The NFL tonight announced that the league is going back to Los Angeles, as the St. Louis Rams are becoming the Los Angeles Rams once again. The San Diego Chargers have the option to join them. The Colts will play the Rams in LA in 2017.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Rams are officially back.

After several years in St. Louis, the NFL announced tonight that the Rams are relocating to L.A.  The San Diego Chargers will have the option to join them, if they don't get anything worked out with the city of San Diego.  If the Chargers don't exercise the option, then the Oakland Raiders would have that option.  The league will also give the Chargers and the Raiders an extra $100 million in funding toward a new stadium if they stay in their current city.

This is obviously big news that has been in the works for a while, but now it's official.  While the Inglewood stadium is being built, it sounds like the Rams (and perhaps the Chargers) will play in the Coliseum, as USC has agreed to allow them to do so.

For the Colts, this means that they will avoid a trip to Los Angeles during the 2016 season.  They will play the Raiders on the road, but now the Raiders will be staying in Oakland.  The Colts also play the Chargers, who could perhaps be the Los Angeles Chargers by the 2016 season, but that game will take place in Indianapolis either way.  That means that the Colts' first trip to L.A. will come during the 2017 season, as the team will travel to take on the Rams.