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Colts recruiting St. Louis football fans now that Rams are leaving for Los Angeles

The Indianapolis Colts have gone to work on twitter recruiting St. Louis football fans now that the Rams are headed to Los Angeles.

Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

The big news in the NFL in the last 24 hours, in case you missed it, was the announcement last night that the St. Louis Rams are moving back to Los Angeles, while the San Diego Chargers will have the option to join them.  It's certainly very significant news as the NFL finally returns to L.A., but the unfortunate part of it all is that St. Louis is now left without an NFL team.

The Indianapolis Colts have noticed, and they've wasted little time in going to work recruiting St. Louis football fans to become Colts fans.

A brief look at the franchise's twitter interactions reveals more discussions with Rams fans now contemplating switching allegiances, such as the following:

Given the proximity of Indianapolis to St. Louis, it makes perfect sense for some former Rams fans to now become Colts fans, as it would be about as close of an option as they could get to rooting for a team nearby.  It's still somewhat of a drive, but now that the Rams are gone, that may be the best chance for a St. Louis football fan to watch an NFL game.

Credit to the Colts for getting out in front and going to work recruiting St. Louis football fans, even if they're simply having fun with it.  And perhaps the best news of all for Colts fans (and new Colts fans): the Colts won't be leaving Indianapolis anytime soon, as they've got a tremendous stadium and a successful franchise in place.