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NFL Playoff Picture: Top seeds to face off in conference championship games

The top two seeds will face off in the AFC and NFC Championship games next Sunday for the right to go to Super Bowl 50.

Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

The divisional round of the NFL playoffs is officially done, and it certainly didn't fail to disappoint.  The Patriots defeated the Kansas City Chiefs 27-20 thanks in part to the Chiefs' poor clock management to get things started for the weekend.  Then an instant classic happened between the Cardinals and the Packers, as Arizona re-took the lead late, the Packers tied it up on a last-second Hail Mary, and then the Cardinals won it in overtime.  On Sunday, the Panthers jumped out to a 31-0 halftime lead before the Seahawks made a comeback attempt, ultimately falling seven points short.  And then in the late afternoon game, the Broncos scored late in the fourth quarter to defeat the Steelers.

For the first time since 2004, the top two seeds in each conference has advanced to the championship games.  The number one seed Carolina Panthers will host the number two seed Arizona Cardinals in the NFC title game, while the number one seed Denver Broncos will host the number two seed New England Patriots in the AFC title game.  Here's the schedule for next Sunday's games:

(2) New England Patriots (13-4) at (1) Denver Broncos (13-4) - 3:05 p.m. ET, CBS

(2) Arizona Cardinals (14-3) at (1) Carolina Panthers (16-1) - 6:40 p.m. ET, FOX

It should be a very good weekend of games once again, and be sure to take advantage of it, because there's just three games remaining (ok, four if you count the Pro Bowl) until the 2015 NFL season is officially over before a long, long offseason.  So enjoy the conference championship games - which shouldn't be hard to do, considering the matchups.