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Could Peyton Manning become a part-owner in the Titans?

According to FOX Sports' Jay Glazer, support is growing for former Colts quarterback Peyton Manning to be part of a group that buys the Tennessee Titans.

Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

On Sunday, a lot of the attention in the NFL world centered around Peyton Manning, as the future Hall of Famer was set to play in another playoff game - one that, if lost, might be his last career game.  Instead, it was a win that set up one last Manning vs. Brady AFC Championship game, which seems very fitting.

Though that's all on-the-field, FOX Sports' Jay Glazer had an interesting note on FOX's pregame show yesterday about what Manning might do after his playing days are over (which many expect could be very soon). According to Glazer, support is growing for Manning to be a part of a group that purchases the Tennessee Titans (h/t to Music City Miracles).

"And by the way, what happens next with Peyton Manning?" Glazer asked rhetorically.  "There is a push inside the league for him to be a part of an ownership group with the Tennessee Titans."

We've heard a number of reports/rumors over the past year connecting Manning with the Titans post-retirement, which makes sense considering the connections that Manning has to the state.  He played college football at the University of Tennessee and is a very popular figure in the state even today, and his wife Ashley is even a part-owner in the NBA's Memphis Grizzlies, as she is a native of Memphis and wanted to help keep the team in the city.  Therefore, it would make sense for Manning to be more involved in Tennessee in retirement, and if he wants to take on an executive role in a franchise like many expect, the Titans might be as good and willing of an option as any.

According to Glazer's report, it sounds like Manning would be the central figure of a group that would purchase the Titans, whose ownership situation is very much up in the air.  Having Manning as the headliner for a deal makes a lot of sense, but it's likely, as MCM pointed out, that any such deal would also give Manning an executive role with the franchise - perhaps in a role similar to the one that John Elway has with the Broncos.  That way, he would have a big say in what goes on with the team and would have a hand in running things.  And, to top it off, he would have the chance to try to beat his former team, the Colts, twice a season.