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Colts vs. Titans: Josh Freeman to start, Stephen Morris inactive

Taking a look at the Colts' inactives for Sunday's game against the Titans.

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

The Indianapolis Colts today will host the Tennessee Titans in the regular season finale in a game that will likely feature quite a bit of bad offensive play.  The Titans are starting Zach Mettenberger at quarterback, while the Colts are starting Josh Freeman - who they just signed this week.

It will be the first start for Freeman since the 2013 season and will, in fact, be the first time he throws a single pass in an actual game (not including preseason) in the NFL in two years.  The Colts' coaches spent countless hours this week attempting to get Freeman up to speed, but the reality is that he will likely be rusty and likely still doesn't have a tremendous grasp of the offense.  Expect that Titans to stack the box to try to stop Frank Gore, putting even more pressure on Freeman.

Interestingly, the Colts have three quarterbacks inactive, including one who is healthy in Stephen Morris.  Here's the full list of inactives, followed by some thoughts:

Stephen Morris, QB

Matt Hasselbeck, QB (shoulder/ribs/back)

Andrew Luck, QB (abdomen/kidney)

Winston Guy, S (hamstring/shoulder)

Sio Moore, LB

Trent Cole, OLB (concussion)

Kelcy Quarles, DL

When the Colts signed Morris, they said that it was with the future in mind, and the fact that he's inactive today would seem to confirm that.  The Colts will go with Josh Freeman as their starter and Ryan Lindley as their backup, both of whom were signed just this week.  Plus, of course, Andrew Luck and Matt Hasselbeck are both out today, so the Colts actually have three quarterbacks inactive and just two dressing today.