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NFL Pro Bowl 2016: How did the Colts' representatives play?

Taking a look at how the Colts' T.Y. Hilton, Vontae Davis, and Mike Adams did in the 2016 Pro Bowl.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

All week, the Pro Bowl has been a laughingstock among many fans and media, and it certainly lived up to those expectations.  The tackling started out bad and ended in a two-hand touch contest.  I'm being completely honest when I say that, by the fourth quarter, it was exactly what you'd see in training camps in August.

Gripes about the game aside, the Colts had three representatives playing in the game as alternates, as wide receiver T.Y. Hilton, cornerback Vontae Davis, and safety Mike Adams all participated in the Pro Bowl for the second straight season.  They were on the losing side, unfortunately, as Team Irvin beat Team Rice 49-27.

Because the Pro Bowl is designed to basically have no defense in the first place, Mike Adams and Vontae Davis didn't really have much of a chance to fully show their skills.  With that said, they both saw quite a bit of playing time and each recorded two tackles.  In addition, Davis made a couple of nice pass breakups, including one in the end zone.  As for T.Y. Hilton, he also saw a lot of playing time and caught one pass - a screen that he took for a 20 yard gain.  He also dropped a pass, though it would have been a tough catch looking back into the sun.  Raiders quarterback Derek Carr threw an absolute dime and put the pass right on the money, but Hilton wasn't able to come up with it in the back of the end zone.

In short, the Colts' three representatives played quite a bit but didn't do a ton, but that's ok because not many people were doing much of anything in the game anyway.  It's a nice honor for Hilton, Davis, and Adams to be recognized for their play, but that didn't make for an entertaining football game by any means.