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Andrew Luck says it "would be great" to sign contract extension this offseason

Colts quarterback Andrew Luck told media today that signing a long-term contract extension with the team this offseason "would be great."

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

It has been a very rough season for Colts quarterback Andrew Luck, as he dealt with numerous injuries and poor play for most of the year.  With that said, however, he's still the team's franchise quarterback and still expected to be in Indianapolis long-term.

Luck is actually under contract for the 2016 NFL season because the Colts picked up his fifth-year option that comes with first round picks, but will pay him $16.155 million next season, according to Spotrac.  Last offseason, owner Jim Irsay said that Luck's new deal would likely come the following offseason, which would put it this year.  Has that changed because of Luck's injuries and struggles?  Or, as some fans have tried to suggest, does Luck not want to come back anymore?

We can put this much to rest: Andrew Luck will be with the Colts for several years to come.  He's under contract in 2016 and then can be franchised for a couple of seasons after that.  If you ask the quarterback, however, he doesn't even want to let it get to that point, as he wants to get a long-term deal figured out this offseason.

"Yeah, that would be great," Luck told media today when asked about a potential deal this offseason.  "I haven't thought about it too much.  I wanted to make sure this season gets done.  But if there's an opportunity for it, yeah, absolutely."

Entering the season with MVP expectations, Andrew Luck's 2015 campaign was marked by turnovers and injuries.  He played in seven games and completed 162 of 293 passes (55.3%), 1,881 yards (6.42 yards per attempt), 15 touchdowns, and 12 interceptions for a 74.9 passer rating.  He also added 196 yards on the ground while averaging 5.9 yards per rush.  Luck dealt with a number of injuries, as he missed two games with a shoulder injury, seven games with a lacerated kidney and torn abdominal muscle, and was reported to have played through a rib injury this year as well.  It was by far the toughest season of Luck's NFL career so far, but that doesn't change the long-term outlook that he can and will be the team's franchise quarterback.  If it's up to Luck, he'll sign a long-term extension this offseason, and I'd imagine that Jim Irsay would be willing to do so as well.