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Report: Jim Irsay, Chuck Pagano continue "evaluating the possibility of working together"

According to NFL Media's Rand Getlin, Jim Irsay and Chuck Pagano continue "evaluating the possibility of working together moving forward."

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

After waiting all day on Monday for an official announcement regarding head coach Chuck Pagano's future with the Indianapolis Coltsit turns out that no announcement will be coming at all until Tuesday.

Naturally, the question then becomes what it means.  My thought is that, if Jim Irsay had made his decision, it wouldn't be taking this long.  But with Irsay and Pagano still meeting, it probably means that Irsay hasn't yet decided Pagano's status, meaning that Pagano could be fighting for his job.

According to NFL Media's Rand Getlin, that's exactly what's happening, as Irsay and Pagano are reportedly discussing the possibility of continuing to work together:

That would be a stunning change from everything we heard throughout the season, as it seemed all but certain that Chuck Pagano would be fired.  Now, this is very important to note: just because the meeting is taking a while doesn't mean that Chuck Pagano will be back as the Colts' head coach.  At this point, I still think that's an unlikely scenario, but this can't be categorized as anything other than good news for Pagano.  And, according to Getlin, it sounds like the two sides are indeed continuing to have conversations about a future that includes them united.  That could include conversations about how things would look moving forward if Chuck Pagano were to continue as head coach, such as his relationship with Ryan Grigson, his assistant coaches, improvements to be made on the field, and things like that.

At this point, nobody knows what will happen or what is going on, as it seemed to be pretty clear that Jim Irsay and Chuck Pagano would meet, that Pagano wouldn't be retained, and that the Colts would then announce it on Black Monday.  That was what we all expected, but that's not what happened.  What does it mean?  Nobody knows.  It seems like Jim Irsay isn't yet decided, however, and that means that Chuck Pagano is getting one last chance to fight for his job.  If (and this is a huge, huge if) Pagano does stick around, does that mean Ryan Grigson is fired?  Does it mean that Grigson is put in his proper place?  Does that mean Pagano is simply extended one year?  Does that mean Pagano is given a long-term extension?  Remember, for Pagano to be brought back, it would have to include a new contract.