Brandon Burlsworth....

Some of you may recall that name. Brandon was a kid we drafted in the third round of the 1999 draft. He was a walk-on at Arkansas that went on to do good things with the program. Personally, I was very excited when the Colts drafted him. He had all of the desirable traits; hard-working, strong, athletic, and smart. In an interview for Howard Mudd was extremely high on him. Unfortunately, he died in a car accident four days after the Colts mini-camp. He never played a snap for us but I've always thought of him as a Colt.

I just read that there is a movie being released about his life and thought I'd share it with the community. So check out the trailer for "Greater." His story is it a "Southern Evangelical Rudy," so to speak. I'm sure there will be embellishments, there always are with these kinds of stories, but I always thought he was an impressive kid....even though I was the same age as Brandon when we drafted him.

Enjoy. I hope Indianapolis Colts fans enjoy a movie about one of their own. Also, there is some footage from Brandon's mini-camp linked to the article.

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