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State of the AFC South: Week 7

While it was a bad week for us here at Stampede Blue, it wasn't a bad week for the AFC South.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

It finally happened. It may have taken six weeks of football, but the AFC South recorded a collective winning record for the first time this season. The lone loss coming in an inter-division game.

Houston Texans (4-2)

Looking Back: I think in most of the Texans' wins, I've made a comment resembling "the Texans got it done." And that's about all they have been doing. I might argue that the Texans are the league's least impressive 4-2 team, but the fact remains that they are 4-2. After a comeback win over the Colts, the Texans have a strong hold on the division. They're a game up on the Titans, and have already beaten both Tennessee and Indianapolis. The victory wasn't without a cost, though, as the Texans lost both K.J. Dillon and Kevin Johnson to injury, and are still waiting to hear about Will Fuller.

Looking Ahead: The Texans follow up their Sunday night game with a Monday night road trip to Denver. This could be an interesting game, as the Broncos stormed out of the gates on the heels of a great defense, but they have not looked nearly as good in back to back losses. Still, the Broncos defense should be able to contain, if not completely shut down, an average Texans offense.

Prediction: Broncos should win this one easy.

Tennessee Titans (3-3)

Looking Back: The Titans got pushed a bit, especially at the end of the game, by the Cleveland Browns. The Titans still came away with a win, though. Suddenly the Titans have emerged as a serious threat to win the division, and are being touted by some as the best team in the South. This week, they turned Marcus Mariota loose, and it showed. Mariota played well and got the Titans a huge win.

Looking Ahead: A divisional match-up awaits the Titans as they host the Colts this week. This could easily be the Titans chance to move up to tie the Texans at the top of the division, and you know the Titans will be ready for the Colts. The Titans haven't beaten Indianapolis since 2011 when Matt Hasselbeck led the Titans to win over Curtis Painter and the Colts. This year, the Titans have a superb defense, and an offense that is starting to emerge.

Prediction: I hate this, but I'll take the Titans at home.

Jacksonville Jaguars (2-4)

Looking Back: The Jaguars became the second straight AFC South team to down the Chicago Bears. This game, in large part, came down to Jacksonville's young defense coming through late in the game. Specifically, rookie Jalen Ramsey was terrific in pass coverage. An issue, though, is that the Jaguars still cannot run the ball. The Jaguars sit at 1-1 in the division, so it's still for the taking.

Looking Ahead: The Jaguars are favored this week. And no, they don't play the Browns. The Jaguars host the Oakland Raiders. Maybe Vegas forgot that the Raiders are good this year? But really, this game will be a tough one for the Jaguars. The Raiders offense has been on fire so far this season, although the defense has been suspect. Jacksonville may need to get into a shootout in this one. If Blake Bortles can take care of the ball, the Jaguars could have a shot in a game like that.

Prediction: I've gotta take the Raiders here.

Indianapolis Colts (2-4)

Looking Back: With a win, the Colts would have been at the top, but a loss puts them down here, in the basement. The Colts blew a huge chance to make a move in the division, but couldn't seal the deal against the Texans. They also lost Dwayne Allen to injury for probably a few weeks. Let's just say, things aren't so good here.

Looking Ahead: The Colts stay on the road for another divisional game. This game should present the usual challenges for the Colts. The Titans have a very good defense, which could get a lot of pressure on Andrew Luck. But with Mariota beginning to play well, the Colts need to worry about stopping the Titans. We know Tennessee will try to run the ball, and if they have success, then the Colts are done.

Prediction: As I said, I'm taking the Titans here.