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Reggie Wayne thinks the Colts need to use the hurry-up offense more

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Indianapolis Colts Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

Reggie Wayne knows a thing or two about good offense.

As a player, he put together a resume that will garner serious consideration for the Hall of Fame one day, as he caught 1,070 passes (seventh-most all-time) and 14,345 yards (eighth-most all-time) and 82 touchdowns in 211 career games. He played eleven years with Peyton Manning and was a part of record-setting offenses in Indianapolis, and then he played three years with Andrew Luck with the Colts too. And, though Colts fans don’t speak of it, he also spent two weeks at the end of his career with a certain team in New England with another future Hall of Fame quarterback. Wayne had the chance to work with brilliant offensive coaches such as Tom Moore and Bruce Arians during his career, and so it’s pretty clear that understands offenses.

So when Wayne talks about what the Colts should be doing differently on offense, they’d be smart to listen. Wayne, who is now an analyst with NFL Network, tweeted multiple times during and after the Colts’ 30-27 loss today about how the team needs to utilize the no-huddle offense more.

Wayne certainly has a point. The Colts’ offense seems to be much more effective when they let Andrew Luck and the rest of the unit go with a hurry-up approach, as they seem to get their rhythm down more and seem to click. That’s a reason why they look better later in games as they embrace that approach, and many have wondered why the Colts don’t try that more throughout the course of the game. Based on his tweets, it appears that Reggie Wayne is wondering the same thing.

The idea behind going hurry-up more often and earlier in games is to get the offense off to a faster start, as the Colts are notorious for starting slow in games. They once again faced another double-digit halftime deficit on Sunday against the Jaguars, and their offense was bad until late in the game when they began to get things going - which also saw the offense utilize more up-tempo concepts. As many fans and now Reggie Wayne have said, the Colts should be letting Luck and the offense use that type of offense more often.