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NFL Week 7 Predictor Picks

It's been a struggle this season both picking winners and Against the Spread. Let's hope we can turn things around in Week 7 with our Winning Stats Predictor picks.

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I know we're running a bit behind this week, but got caught up with a few things at work, as well as at home, so couldn't get to this until tonight. Let's get right to the picks.

Google Doc with all picks, percentages, and money wagered

Lifetime Record (since 2008): 1097-996-41 (52.4%) ATS, 1347-789-4 (63.0%) SU

2016 Record: 45-45-1 (50.0%) ATS (-$278.86), 50-42 (54.3%) SU

Week 6 Record: 6-8 ATS (-$88.69), 7-8 SU

Bears (+7.5) at Packers - Thursday 8:30 pm ET

Got the winner right, missed badly Against the Spread. You're welcome.

Packers 23, Bears 19 (SU Win%: 64.7%, ATS Win%: 63.8%)

Giants (-3) at Rams - Sunday 9:30 am ET

The Winning Stats are not a fan of the Giants, and I don't see the Rams letting Eli Manning just chuck it deep to Odell Beckham like the Ravens let him do last week. Rams win in London.

Rams 26, Giants 24 (SU Win%: 52.6%, ATS Win%: 63.2%)

Browns (+10) at Bengals - Sunday 1:00 pm ET

The Browns have actually been playing fairly well, although they keep losing games. The Bengals did pound they only other "bad" team they played (Miami), but I think a divisional game stays within 10.

Bengals 30, Browns 25 (SU Win%: 68.2%, ATS Win%: 65.4%)

Redskins (+1.5) at Lions - Sunday 1:00 pm ET

This line looks exactly right. High scoring affair.

Lions 30, Redskins 29 (SU Win%: 51.1%, ATS Win%: 52.5%)

Raiders (+1) at Jaguars - Sunday 1:00 pm ET

The Jaguars found a way to come back and beat the Bears last week, but they still aren't a very good team. The Raiders are 3-0 on the road this season, all not on the West Coast. I'll take the silver and black.

Raiders 25, Jaguars 24 (SU Win%: 50.4%, ATS Win%: 51.3%)

Saints (+6.5) at Chiefs - Sunday 1:00 pm ET

The Chiefs looked impressive last week against the Raiders, and this week host a Saints team that has played four of their five games within 3 points. Chiefs win, but not by the 6.5.

Chiefs 28, Saints 24 (SU Win%: 66.9%, ATS Win%: 55.1%)

Bills (-3) at Dolphins - Sunday 1:00 pm ET

Even if LeSean McCoy doesn't play, I'm rolling with the hottest team in the NFL against an awful Dolphins team.

Bills 26, Dolphins 19 (SU Win%: 75.2%, ATS Win%: 70.7%)

Ravens (PK) at Jets - Sunday 1:00 pm ET

New QB for the Jets, but their Defense is just as bad as their Offense has been, which is strange for them. Joe Flacco is going to play, so I'm taking the Ravens convincingly.

Ravens 25, Jets 18 (SU Win%: 75.3%, ATS Win%: 78.1%)

Vikings (-2.5) at Eagles - Sunday 1:00 pm ET

Minnesota coming off their bye week on the road against an Eagles team that has lost two straight road games since their Bye week and 3-0 start. This Vikings Defense is all kinds of nasty, and they'll thoroughly confuse the rookie QB Carson Wentz.

Vikings 26, Eagles 19 (SU Win%: 72.4%, ATS Win%: 67.9%)

Colts (+2.5) at Titans - Sunday 1:00 pm ET

The Colts haven't lost to the Titans since 2011, and have only lost once to them since December, 2008. Won't help them on Sunday when a fairly good Titans team (hopefully) puts the final nail in the coffin of the Chuck Pagano / Ryan Grigson era.

Titans 31, Colts 25 (SU Win%: 68.8%, ATS Win%: 64.5%)

Chargers (+6.5) at Falcons - Sunday 4:05 pm ET

I'm going to be honest: this pick baffled me when I saw it, and it still does. It's a matchup problem for the Falcons, as several of their strengths are also Chargers strengths. I'm going to run with this and count on the Chargers jumping out fast and hanging on at the end.

Chargers 27, Falcons 25 (SU Win%: 57%, ATS Win%: 76.8%)

Buccaneers (-2) at 49ers - Sunday 4:05 pm ET

You're not going to watch this game, and the Vegas line is right on what the Winning Stats say, so just let it be.

Buccaneers 25, 49ers 23 (SU Win%: 52.9%, ATS Win%: 51%)

Patriots (-7) at Steelers - Sunday 4:25 pm ET

The Patriots have buzzsawed through their first two opponents with Tom Brady, and they get their third straight AFC North opponent, a Roethlisberger-less Steelers team. Going contrarian here too...Patriots win, but not by a touchdown. Hold your nose...

Patriots 28, Steelers 23 (SU Win%: 67.1%, ATS Win%: 58.4%)

Seahawks (+1.5) at Cardinals - Sunday 8:30 pm ET

This game is also lined correctly, with the Cardinals winning a close one.

Cardinals 22, Seahawks 20 (SU Win%: 53.5%, ATS Win%: 52%)

Texans (+7.5) at Broncos - Monday 8:30 pm ET

Two very good Defenses, two not very good Offenses, Low scoring, semi-close game. I'll take the points, but the Broncos win.

Broncos 19, Texans 15 (SU Win%: 67.4%, ATS Win%: 60.8%)