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Monday After Awards: Colts at Titans

That's more like it.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The Colts got a victory in what really was a must win game against the Titans yesterday afternoon. The game ended up being closer than it should have been, as the Colts, for the second week in a row, looked overall the better team during a majority of the game.

Let's get to the awards.

MVP - Andrew Luck

Of course. Luck was magnificent yesterday against a team he has dominated his entire career. For most of the game Luck had time to throw, and looked every bit the elite QB that he is. Luck finished 27-39, but easily could have had a few more completions (and another touchdown) if it weren't for some drops by his receivers.

Luck also ran the ball effectively when needed, including a nice read-option play to convert a key third down. Of course, Luck's main highlight was his beautiful touchdown pass to TY Hilton. As Josh noted, Luck is playing at an MVP level this season.

Dynamic Duo Award - TY Hilton and Jack Doyle

These two were spectacular. With Phillip Dorsett, Donte Moncrief, and Dwayne Allen all out with injury, these two needed to come up big. And they did. The two combined for 16 catches, over 200 yards, and two touchdowns. When the Colts needed yards, Luck looked to these two. On the go ahead touchdown, it was Hilton's route that helped free up Doyle.

How these two kept getting open is a mystery to me. But they did, and Luck kept finding them.

Sober Kicker Award - Adam Vinatieri

Obviously this award is in reference to Vinatieri breaking Mike Vanderjagt's (aka the liquored up kicker) record for consecutive field goals. A small part of me keeps waiting for Vinatieri to miss a kick, because eventually it has to happen (doesn't it?). But he has been spectacular all year. And after watching Sunday Night Football, I think we can all appreciate him even more.

Right Place Award - Robert Mathis

Look at this, Mathis is getting an award. The pass rusher has been mostly invisible this season, only recording one sack so far. But yesterday, after TY McGill knocked the ball away from Marcus Mariota, Mathis was in the right place for the scoop and score. After recovering the fumble, Mathis had an easy route into the end zone. His score also meant that the Titans weren't the only team to have a lineman score in the game.

LVP - Killer Instinct

Let's be honest, this game should have been over on Patrick Robinson's interception. With the ball inside the Tennessee 30, it's likely the Colts at least come away with a field goal, if not a touchdown in that situation. Yes, I know there was a lot of time left, but a two possession game would have been huge in the fourth quarter. Instead, Josh McNary got flagged for one of the stupidest decisions you will ever see in a football game. The Titans proceeded (with a lot of help from the Colts defense) to go down and tie the game.

This is something that, honestly, the Colts have lacked for a long time. Even at times during the Tony Dungy and Peyton Manning era, but much more so in the Chuck Pagano and Luck era. This team just can't quite put the other team away, but instead lets them stick around a little too long.

PS - I just wanted to point out that Andre Johnson didn't have a catch against the Colts.