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The last time the Colts played the Chiefs was one of the great comebacks in NFL history

Wild Card Playoffs - Kansas City Chiefs v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Since arriving in Indianapolis in 2012, Colts quarterback Andrew Luck has led his team to several thrilling comebacks, and in fact all three wins this year for the Colts have come via come-from-behind, game-winning touchdown passes from the quarterback.

There’s one comeback in particular in Luck’s career that stands out above the rest, however, and with the Kansas City Chiefs coming to town this Sunday it’s a good time to revisit it.

The last time the Colts played the Chiefs was in the wild card round of the 2013 NFL playoffs, and the Colts fell behind 31-10 at halftime and 38-10 shortly after the second half began. It had quickly turned into a rout, but the Colts began to claw their way back. Donald Brown rushed for a ten-yard score. Then Brown caught a three-yard touchdown from Luck. After a Chiefs field goal, Luck threw another scoring toss to tight end Coby Fleener. All of the sudden it was only a ten point game entering the fourth quarter.

After forcing a Chiefs punt, the Colts took over at their own ten yard line early in the fourth quarter looking to somehow make it a one-score game. They methodically moved their way down the field (only facing one third down) and got all the way to the two yard line. Facing second down, they handed off to Donald Brown looking to make it a field goal game... but Brown fumbled. And with the ball bouncing around on the ground, Andrew Luck delivered the signature play of his career to this point: he scooped up the ball and lunged like Superman into the end zone, sending Lucas Oil Stadium into a frenzy and making it a three point game.

The Chiefs would then hit another field goal, only to see Andrew Luck connect with T.Y. Hilton for the go-ahead, 64-yard score with 4:21 left to make it Colts 45, Chiefs 44. And though the Chiefs marched into Colts territory on their final drive, the Colts forced a stop on fourth down to seal it. Stunningly, the Colts had overcome a 28-point deficit to defeat the Chiefs.

While it’s one of the most exciting games in Colts history, it doesn’t have any bearing on this Sunday’s game. So, naturally, Chuck Pagano and Andrew Luck didn’t have much interest in reminiscing this week.

“Twenty-eight points down, probably number one,” Pagano said of where he’d rank the game among all Luck’s comebacks. What was he thinking during the game? “Just keep chopping wood,” Pagano recalled this week.

What does Luck remember about it? “I believe it was in the playoffs a couple years ago and it was a good win,” he said. Well, he’s not wrong. And what about that fumble recovery? “Every play ended up being incredibly important in that game,” he said. “Especially, one that didn’t turn the ball over and ended in a touchdown for us, yeah.”

Luck added that Pagano hasn’t brought the game up this week and that, while it’s not frustrating to talk about, it’s a “moot point” because it has no impact on this week’s game.

The Colts are keeping their mindset solely on winning this Sunday’s game against the Chiefs, which is an important game as Indy looks to get to .500 on the season for the first time. But Colts fans can take the opportunity to look back at the last time the team played the Chiefs and reflect on just how remarkable of a comeback it was.