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Colts vs. Chiefs final score: Colts put together 60-minute game of bad football, lose 30-14

Kansas City Chiefs v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

On a day in which the Colts hoped to win their second straight game and improve to .500 on the year, they instead fell apart as they turned in their worst performance of the season so far. The final score? Chiefs 27, Colts 14.

It was an all-around poor performance by the Colts in all phases of the game: offense, defense, special teams, coaching - no one is exempt from blame in this one.

The offense failed to score 20 points for the first time this season, struggling all day with the Chiefs defense. Andrew Luck had his worst game of the year, as he was errant and misfired on a lot of passes, and in the first half he had two turnovers (a pick and a fumbled snap). But while Luck played poorly, so did the rest of the offense. The offensive line was a mess today, giving up eight quarterback hits, six sacks, and countless other pressures. And the Colts committed several holding penalties, including some big ones that wiped out huge gains. The offensive line was absolutely horrendous today. The receivers - namely, T.Y. Hilton (who seemed to struggle with a hamstring injury) - didn’t help Luck out much, as there were several passes that probably should have been caught that weren’t. And the run game, partly because the Colts didn’t run much, didn’t get going - in fact, Luck was the leading rusher with a career-high 60 yards rushing (averaging 6.7 yards per carry).

And defensively, the Colts weren’t as bad as they’ve been in some games, but they were still bad. They let a backup quarterback (Nick Foles) carve them up, couldn’t contain Travis Kelce all day, and were facing a third string running back (Charcandrick West), and still gave up 423 yards and 30 points (though, granted, seven of them came a few plays after a turnover). But there are some who would say that the defense was good enough to win, but if that’s truly the case, this offense is being held to an impossibly high standard. This defense was, once again, not good - just perhaps not as terrible as they’ve been in some games.

On special teams, the Colts’ coverage units were bad and gave up some good returns, while their return unit was awful and a revolving door of errors. And that’s not even mentioning the play that the Colts should have downed inside the 20 yard line but hilariously misplayed. After that one, Pat McAfee just stood on the field with his hands on his hips wondering what went wrong, which is the same feeling that Colts fans had today. It was a game in which you can’t blame any one person in particular for the loss, because everyone is accountable for the bad play - offense, defense, special teams, and coaching.

The bottom line is this: the Colts aren’t a good team. We’ve known that for weeks, but today the Colts finally put it all together for a 60-minute game. It was an all-around pathetic performance by this team, but we’ve come to expect that. The offense struggled more than expected, but the fact that the Colts looked bad should surprise no one. Basically, here’s the deal: The Colts are a bad football team, but today’s result is what you get when Andrew Luck also struggles. But hey, maybe they’ll just stick to the process, because that’s obviously working so well for them. They’re now 3-5 on the year and going nowhere fast.

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