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Tuesday After Awards: Colts at Jaguars

It took a little while to digest this game. But at long last, here are some awards from the Colts contest in London this past weekend.

Ben Hoskins/Getty Images

My awards are coming at you a little bit late this week. Kind of like the Colts offense.

But actually, I missed the second half due to work, and I needed a chance to watch what happened before I ripped apart the Colts in this article. That's not true, I found some positives this week. Just not many. Let's get to it.

MVP - Adam Vinatieri

This is my cop out every time the Colts are horrific. Vinatieri was money yet again this week, and is about the only consistent element on this roster or coaching staff. Having to kick two 50+ field goals in the first half is never a recipe for success, but Vinatieri knocked down both kicks. On a surface that hasn't always been the best for football (especially in the early London years) I wasn't sure if he could bury these kicks.

But again Vinatieri was perfect. I feel like sometimes we get a little to complacent with Vinatieri to realize just how special he is to this team, and how good he really is. I mean, he'll miss a kick eventually, but as a fan, it's hard to not have super high confidence when the Colts trot out Vinatieri.

Snooze Award - Colts Offense

This has been a recurring theme, and one that the announcers in Week 1 harped on. The Colts start SO SLOW in just about every game. The offense is sluggish, and the team looks generally unprepared. The lede on's recap says it all with the phrase "furious Indianapolis Colts rally."

This team is good enough that it shouldn't have to rally game in and game out. Especially against the Lions, Chargers, or Jaguars. If the Colts offense played every game like it was always the fourth quarter, then maybe we would see some magic on the field.

Butterfinger Award - Colts Receivers

One of these days I'm just going to copy and paste this award each week. The Colts drop too many passes. Way too many. It's bad. It's a trend.

Get Him the Ball Award - Phillip Dorsett

A couple weeks ago, I pointed out that Dorsett is emerging as a strong and talented receiver. A few of you agreed with that assessment in the comments.

Last year I said, a few times, that the Colts needed to go Moncrief's way a bit more because I thought he was better than TY Hilton. I'm not saying Dorsett is at that level, but he needs to have more than a catch or two a game. So far this season, generally good things have happened when Andrew Luck targets Dorsett. Why not target him more?

LVP - Coaches

Almost every week I've thought about naming the coaches here. But this week it's finally time. Holy smokes is it bad. The Colts continue to enter games unprepared. They commit far too many penalties, a lot of them boneheaded plays as well (looking at you TJ Green). The defense is awful, as is the offensive line.

Yes, the personell on the line and defense is equally as bad, and that's entirely on Ryan Grigson. Luck needs to play better as well. But when you get sacked six times against the Jaguars, that's gonna bother you.

Really. The team is a complete mess. They haven't hit Cleveland Browns status just yet, but guys I think that isn't too far off.