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NFL Week 10 Predictor Picks

Our Winning Stats predict which team will win the game, cover the spread, and the chances of doing both, although it's been a struggle in 2016. Time to turn things around.

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Google Doc with all picks, percentages, and money wagered

Lifetime Record (since 2008): 1111-1021-42 (52.1%) ATS, 1371-804-6 (63.0%) SU

2016 Record: 59-70-4 (45.9%) ATS (-$462.10), 74-57-2 (56.4%) SU

Week 9 Record: 6-6-1 ATS (-$12.76), 8-5 SU

Browns (+9.5) at Ravens - Thursday 8:30 pm ET

The Browns stink. I mean really stink. They didn't cover last night, losing 28-7. Before last night I had them at 13.4% to finish 0-16, so that number will obviously go up.

Ravens 25, Browns 18 (SU Win%: 73.9%, ATS Win%: 58.8%)

Chiefs (+3) at Panthers - Sunday 1:00 pm ET

Did you know the Chiefs are 17-3 in their last 20 regular season games? The Panthers continue to be favored in Vegas, and I'll gladly take the 3 points here, although I don't think the Chiefs will need it. Chiefs win out right, as Travis Kelce has a huge day.

Chiefs 26, Panthers 23 (SU Win%: 57%, ATS Win%: 65.4%)

Texans (-1.5) at Jaguars - Sunday 1:00 pm ET

This line has actually gone the other way since it was set Wednesday night, and the Jaguars are two point favorites now. Either way this should be a close game, and in a much-needed game for the Colts, the Jaguars win at home, keeping the Colts in the division chase another week.

Jaguars 21, Texans 20 (SU Win%: 50.9%, ATS Win%: 52.5%)

Broncos (+2.5) at Saints - Sunday 1:00 pm ET

While the Predictor has struggled on the whole this season, it's been 8-0 picking Saints games Against the Spread, and this is a big difference. Love the Saints here.

Saints 29, Broncos 20 (SU Win%: 82.9%, ATS Win%: 76.6%)

Rams (+1.5) at Jets - Sunday 1:00 pm ET

The Rams have lost the last couple games, so naturally that means they'll win this week to maintain their status as a perpetual 8-8 team. Plus the Jets just aren't very good.

Rams 23, Jets 22 (SU Win%: 50.1%, ATS Win%: 52.5%)

Falcons (PK) at Eagles - Sunday 1:00 pm ET

This game is tied to one decimal place, which is why you see the percentages below at 50%. Flip a coin and pick a team. We'll go with the Eagles, but it's obviously close.

Eagles 27, Falcons 26 (SU Win%: 50.0%, ATS Win%: 50.0%)

Bears (PK) at Buccaneers - Sunday 1:00 pm ET

Another coin toss game, another coin toss pick. Bears playing better than their record, Tampa is playing worse than their record.

Bears 28, Buccaneers 27 (SU Win%: 51%, ATS Win%: 51%)

Packers (-2.5) at Titans - Sunday 1:00 pm ET

The Winning Stats are higher on the Titans than pretty much everyone else, and after last week watching the Packers I'm just not sold on them (and neither are the numbers). Titans win straight up.

Titans 29, Packers 28 (SU Win%: 50.4%, ATS Win%: 54.5%)

Vikings (+3) at Redskins - Sunday 1:00 pm ET

Minnesota has really struggled as of late, and they have to break out of this funk at some point. The Redskins have been up and down all season, and I think they choke away a lead late, with a redeemed Blair Walsh getting the winner.

Vikings 25, Redskins 24 (SU Win%: 52.4%, ATS Win%: 63.2%)

Dolphins (+4) at Chargers - Sunday 4:05 pm ET

Miami has won three straight games (really?!), and the Chargers have won three of their last four games. Spread looks dead on here, as it likes the Chargers to win.

Chargers 24, Dolphins 20 (SU Win%: 66.6%, ATS Win%: 51.5%)

49ers (+13.5) at Cardinals - Sunday 4:25 pm ET

Giant spread against an awful 49ers team, but that's just a couple too many points. Cardinals win easily, but two touchdowns is too much for me.

Cardinals 26, 49ers 14 (SU Win%: 88.4%, ATS Win%: 51.7%)

Cowboys (+2.5) at Steelers - Sunday 4:25 pm ET

The Cowboys are hitting their stride, and can seemingly do no wrong, while the Steelers have lost three straight games and have generally looked bad in stretches. Don't get fooled by the spread: take the points and the Cowboys win straight up.

Cowboys 29, Steelers 28 (SU Win%: 51.7%, ATS Win%: 57%)

Seahawks (+7.5) at Patriots - Sunday 8:30 pm ET

Seattle has been within one score in the 4th quarter in something like 11000 straight games (the actual number is large, but not that large), so I'm going with the numbers and saying the Seahawks stay within one score. Give me a touchdown with the Seahawks every time.

Patriots 27, Seahawks 24 (SU Win%: 63.8%, ATS Win%: 63.8%)

Bengals (+2) at Giants - Monday 8:30 pm ET

Could we get two straight decent Monday night games? This one looks to be a good one, with both teams pretty comparable and decent. I'll take the two points, but think the Giants win.

Giants 27, Bengals 26 (SU Win%: 51.8%, ATS Win%: 51%)