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Report: “There’s concern about multiple weeks” with Andrew Luck’s concussion

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Indianapolis Colts Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Colts quarterback Andrew Luck is in the concussion protocol after suffering a concussion during Sunday’s game, and with the team playing on a short week it seems like a long shot that he’ll be ready to go on Thursday night.

In fact, 1070 the Fan’s John Michael Vincent (JMV) - who originally reported the story of Luck’s concussion - tweeted this evening that “there’s concern about multiple weeks” for Luck’s concussion and that “Thursday seems like no chance.”

It’s of course too early to know for sure how long Luck will be out, but it’s very noteworthy that JMV (who’s been right so far on the story) says there’s concern about multiple weeks, meaning Luck could miss more than just Thursday’s game. He will have plenty of time to recover in between games, however, as after the Thursday game the Colts don’t play again until Monday Night Football the following week, giving them ten days in between games. That should be helpful for Luck, but it’s all about how he progresses through the protocol.

We know that different players respond differently and that not all concussions keep guys out for the same period of time, so it’s just a wait and see process at this point. There’s a set protocol that players need to go through in order to return to the field, and until Luck passes that he won’t be back. How long that will be we don’t know, but we do know this much: Thursday night’s game looks very unlikely, and JMV reports that there’s concern it could be a multiple-week thing.