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Colts to present Tony Dungy, Marvin Harrison with Hall of Fame rings at halftime on Thursday

NFL: Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

This Thursday the Indianapolis Colts will host the Pittsburgh Steelers on Thanksgiving night in the first ever Thanksgiving game in Indianapolis, which will be special-enough. But also on that night, the franchise will honor two of its living legends as Marvin Harrison and Tony Dungy receive their Hall of Fame rings at halftime.

We mentioned this at the time it was first announced, but it’s worth bringing up again. Hall of Fame president David Baker will be on hand to present Harrison and Dungy with the rings, commemorating them in front of their home crowd for being inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame this past August.

Here’s a look at the Hall of Fame rings:

The ceremony will continue on a fun five-day period for the Colts in honoring their franchise’s legends, as this past Sunday they hosted the 2006 Super Bowl team in for a reunion and presented them to the crowd at halftime. Dungy was the head coach of that team and Harrison was the top receiver, but neither were in attendance on Sunday (though Dungy was at the reunion party on Saturday). Both will be back on Thursday, however, and it remains to be seen whether any of their former teammates will also be there or not.

So after you get done eating Thanksgiving dinner and are ready to tune in the game, you at least have one thing to be thankful for with the Colts: the legacies of two all-time greats, as the Colts will celebrate two of their Hall of Famers this Thursday in what should be a special atmosphere at halftime.