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Report: Vontae Davis clears concussion protocol

Indianapolis Colts v Houston Texans Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

It sounds like the Indianapolis Colts will have their top cornerback, as the Indianapolis Star’s Stephen Holder reported today that Vontae Davis has cleared the concussion protocol, meaning he should be good to go tomorrow as they take on the Green Bay Packers.

That was the Colts’ expectation, as Davis cleared the first part of the protocol in time to practice in a non-contact role on Thursday and Friday, and then on Friday he was going to try to clear the final part. The Colts expected him to do so, and it sounds like he did. Then Davis was going to have to meet with an independent doctor on Saturday to get final clearance, and it sounds like that happened as well.

Davis was injured last week when his own teammate, T.J. Green, hit him in the head on a Chiefs touchdown. He cleared the protocol this week, however, so he should be ready to play.

That’s good news for a Colts defense that will have its hands full trying to defend Aaron Rodgers and a tough Packers offense on Sunday. Rodgers and his receivers can be a dangerous combination, so it’s a good thing for Indianapolis that they will have their full complement of cornerbacks as they try to slow Green Bay down. Davis and Patrick Robinson are the top two guys, while Darius Butler and Rashaan Melvin have both been playing well this year too.