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Sunday Wasn't the First Animal Incident During a Colts - Packers Game

I consider myself the king of fluff articles. And articles don't get any more fluffy than talking about animals.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel-USA TODAY Sports

As all of you are likely keenly aware, the Colts game was interrupted yesterday by a squirrel running onto the field. The furry animal stopped the game, and blew up just about everyone's Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Fortunately, the story didn't go away. The Colts official Twitter account tweeted out a gem of a post today.

In 1988, in a game the Colts played at Lambeau Field, a turkey got loose on the field of play. The last time the Colts won in Lambeau? That game, in 1988.

Allegedly, the turkey was brought in to Lambeau by a fan (how?) who wasn't pleased with the way the Packers had been playing that season. I couldn't find information here, but either the turkey escaped it's owner, or the owner let it loose on the field.

Either way, the Colts have now won two games at Lambeau during the Indianapolis era. Both times an animal has gotten loose on the field. So in eight years, the next time Indy head to Green Bay, one of us will need to find a way to smuggle an animal on to the field to ensure a Colts win.

And, in case you missed it, here is a lovely article through SB Nation predicting future animal incidents between the Colts and Packers.