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Taking a look at the NFL playoff picture after week 14

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at New England Patriots Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

Week 14 in the NFL is now in the books, meaning we’re nearing the end of the 2016 regular season. That also means that the playoff hunt is heating up, with some teams trying to make it to the postseason and others trying to hold on to their spots in the final three weeks.

The Indianapolis Colts are in really bad shape right now, as they’re currently in line for the tenth seed in the AFC, sitting at 6-7 with just a few weeks remaining. Their loss to the Texans this past weekend was absolutely critical, as it dropped them from a tie for first place to needing to make up two games in three weeks. Those are long odds, and the Colts aren’t likely to earn a wild card berth either. They can’t reach the win total of either Kansas City or Oakland (who would beat the Colts out for one of the wild card spots), and they’d need to win out and have Denver lose out to pass them. And that’s not even mentioning teams like the Dolphins, Ravens, or Titans, who are all also ahead of the Colts right now.

Here’s how the full AFC playoff picture looks right now:

  1. New England Patriots (11-2, AFC East)
  2. Kansas City Chiefs (10-3, AFC West)
  3. Pittsburgh Steelers (8-5, AFC North)
  4. Houston Texans (7-6, AFC South)
  5. Oakland Raiders (10-3)
  6. Denver Broncos (8-5)
  7. Miami Dolphins (8-5)
  8. Baltimore Ravens (7-6)
  9. Tennessee Titans (7-6)
  10. Indianapolis Colts (6-7)
  11. Buffalo Bills (6-7)
  12. Cincinnati Bengals (5-7-1)
  13. San Diego Chargers (5-8)

And here’s a look at the full NFC playoff picture as well:

  1. Dallas Cowboys (11-2, NFC East)
  2. Detroit Lions (9-4, NFC North)
  3. Seattle Seahawks (8-4-1, NFC West)
  4. Atlanta Falcons (8-5, NFC South)
  5. New York Giants (9-4)
  6. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (8-5)
  7. Washington Redskins (7-5-1)
  8. Minnesota Vikings (7-6)
  9. Green Bay Packers (7-6)
  10. Arizona Cardinals (5-7-1)
  11. New Orleans Saints (5-8)
  12. Carolina Panthers (5-8)
  13. Philadelphia Eagles (5-8)