THIS offseason is THE offseason for Jim Irsay

This is the year to make a move Mr. Irsay. Due to poor roster management and even worse coaching, we have perhaps the worst young talent in the league. Heck, outside of Luck, we may have the most flawed roster in the NFL, regardless of age. I say go for Paton from Minnesota as GM, who helped build that defense and McDaniels from NE to coach up Luck. Regardless, Mr. Irsay, you can't stand by and do nothing.

This is the offseason to make moves that set us up for the next 5 years to have a shot at multiple Super Bowls that you want, Mr. Irsay. Bring in a GM with some balls, a GM who will make some bold moves and who knows how to bring in talented Free Agents that can actually make a difference. We have one more year of Vontae Davis under contract. Save 8 mil and jettison him away for a 3rd round draft pick. He is still a Pro Bowl type corner right now, but we don't want to be the team that gives him a 4-5 year deal (and someone will). Move him before his pay outweighs his play like Belicheat would. Yes it would hurt us in 2017, but that is another rebuild year anyway, with a whole new LB corps needing brought in along with a new lead RB, a LT (move Castonzo to RT until he can be cut without losing a ton of money), a NT and another talented CB.

Move Vontae, cut D'Qwell and you have just under 60 mil to spend next year. No more band-aids, but add some guys hitting their 2nd contract that will cost but will also produce, along with re-signing Doyle and Butler (for 3rd CB/backup Safety money), and this team is on it's way. Add in a solid draft class that could be picking around 10th each round depending on the next few weeks and the rebuild is on.

Mr. Irsay, please don't let Grigson be in charge of that rebuild. Above all, please don't let Pagano coach that rebuild. Luck is on his way to a Philip Rivers type career with good QB play and little else around him. Only you, Mr. Irsay, can stop that.

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