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Jim Irsay: “Right now, I’m not anticipating making any changes”

NFL: International Series-NFL on Regent Street Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

This week there are NFL meetings going on, meaning that a number of team owners will meet with the media to share some thoughts.

That’s true of Jim Irsay, and the USA Today’s Tom Pelissero asked Irsay whether the Colts are going to make any coaching or GM changes after the season. Pelissero said that Irsay talked for more than six minutes about it, and here’s how he concluded:

“Obviously, we’re disappointed,” Irsay said. “People kind of agree or disagree, but I saw every single game and I know - besides Kansas City - yeah, we could right now [be] 10-3. That could be us if the ball bounces a little differently. It’s been that type of year - hasn’t gone our way. But right now, I’m not anticipating making any changes. That can always change. It always can when we’re sitting down at the end of year and evaluate things. But I’m just looking at seeing if we can win these next three games and get some luck from the football gods.”

That’s probably not what Colts fans want to hear right now, as Irsay seems committed to Ryan Grigson and Chuck Pagano. But at the same time, it’s worth pointing out that Irsay said it can always change when they sit down at the end of the year. For those who remember, that’s the same way that Irsay made the decision to keep things intact last year, so you never know what can change at the time. In other words, these comments by Irsay really don’t mean much, since of course he’s going to back his coach and GM right now but he’s also leaving the door open for a potential change. Oh, and that part about hoping for some luck from the football gods? Yeah, if you believe in that sort of thing, you could say that Irsay already got a ton of Luck from the football gods, yet the current regime is trying to waste those years. So that’s fun, right?

At the moment, it doesn’t sound like Irsay has any intention of making a change unless something changes in the final three weeks or in the meeting. And that’s not good news for Colts fans.