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Colts trail Raiders 19-7 at halftime

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Oakland Raiders Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

It was a rough first half for the Colts today, meaning that they’re 30 minutes away from elimination if they can’t mount a double-digit comeback against the Raiders. Oakland leads 19-7 at the break, and they’ll get the ball to start the second half too.

The Raiders offense started slowly, but they made up for it on their final three drives of the first half. On those three drives, the Raiders ran 26 plays and racked up 266 yards and three touchdowns, averaging 8.7 yards per play. The Colts’ defense put up almost no resistance on those three drives (except for a bit of a goal line stand for a few plays at one point), and they haven’t even hit Derek Carr once.

The Colts have been bad defensively, but their offense hasn’t been great either. Andrew Luck has had two bad interceptions, but he also added a 24-yard touchdown pass to a wide open Donte Moncrief. The Colts are running the football very well, but the turnovers have hurt the offensive rhythm - and with the way the Raiders offense and Colts defense are playing, Indy’s offense doesn’t have any margin for error.

If the Colts are unable to make a comeback, they will eliminate themselves from playoff contention before the Texans even have the chance to. Whatever happens, consider this your open thread for the second half of today’s game.