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These numbers help show how impressive Robert Mathis’s tenure with the Colts has been

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Jacksonville Jaguars Jim Steve-USA TODAY Sports

This Sunday will be the final game for one of the all-time great Colts, as outside linebacker Robert Mathis today announced his retirement.

He’s had a tremendous career with the Colts, making six Pro Bowls, being named a first-team All-Pro in 2013, playing in four conference championship games and two Super Bowls, and winning Super Bowl XLI. He’s been a team leader and a captain, and he’s certainly produced on the field as well.

In fact, Mathis has a very impressive resume in the Colts’ record books, one that certainly warrants a spot in the Ring of Honor one day. Here are some numbers that put what Mathis has done in perspective.

  • 14. Mathis has played 14 seasons with the Colts, something only three other players have ever done. Peyton Manning and Reggie Wayne both played 14 seasons with the team as well, while Johnny Unitas played 17. So only one player has ever played more years with the Colts franchise than Mathis has, and that’s Johnny Unitas.
  • 192. As long as Mathis plays in this Sunday’s game (and there’s no reason why he wouldn’t), he will have played in 192 games with the Colts. That would tie him with Justin Snow for the seventh-most games played with the franchise, behind only Reggie Wayne, Peyton Manning, Johnny Unitas, Eugene Daniel, Rohn Stark, and Jeff Saturday. That’s some pretty good company.
  • 122. Mathis has recorded 122 sacks in his career, all with the Colts, which puts him first in Colts history in sacks. He’s 14.5 ahead of Dwight Freeney in the Colts’ record books, and after Mathis and Freeney the next-closest player had 50 sacks with the team. In NFL history, Mathis’s 122 sacks place him tied for 18th all-time, just 0.5 sacks behind Freeney.
  • 46. Mathis has recorded 46 strip-sacks, which isn’t just the most in Colts history, it’s also the most in NFL history. In total, Mathis has forced 51 fumbles.
  • 19.5. In 2013, Mathis recorded 19.5 sacks in what was without a doubt his finest season. That number is the most single-season sacks in Colts history, 3.5 ahead of Freeney’s previous record of 16 set in 2003 (Freeney has spots two through four). In that 2013 season, Mathis also set Colts records for most games with a sack in a single-season (12) and most games with multiple sacks in a single-season (7).
  • 94 and 29. Mathis has recorded a sack in 94 career games, which ranks first in Colts history, while he’s also recorded 29 games with multiple sacks, which also ranks first in franchise history. In both categories, he’s just ahead of Freeney (who had 81 games with a sack while with the team and had 25 multi-sack games).

Statistically, Mathis will finish as one of the franchise’s all-time greats. Some of the numbers listed above help put into context how impressive his tenure with the team has been.