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Recapping Ryan Grigson’s comments on Colts Roundtable show, week 13

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Tennessee Titans Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

On Monday night the Indianapolis Colts defeated the New York Jets 41-10 to improve to 6-6 on the season and move into a first-place tie in the AFC South.

Because of the game being Monday night, the weekly Colts Roundtable show was understandably bumped to Tuesday night instead, but like normal general manager Ryan Grigson still appeared on the show and answered questions about the team. What follows is a recap of what Grigson had to say Tuesday night:

  • The first question he was asked was by Bob Lamey about the suspension of D’Qwell Jackson, and Grigson said: “Simply put, we’re disappointed. He let down the organization and this team, and he knows that and he’s very accountable to that. So it’s the hand we’ve been dealt, and there’s no other way to go but to move forward and put our best foot forward within that position group and this next game.”
  • Asked about the open roster spot, Grigson said that they have options and that Coach Chuck Pagano and him were still working through that, getting information from the doctors, and with it being a short week evaluating what gives them the best chance to win against Houston, as that’s all that matters right now. [Editor’s note: the Colts filled that open spot on Wednesday morning by promoting inside linebacker Luke Rhodes from the practice squad to the 53-man roster.]
  • Regarding Edwin Jackson, Grigson said that he was always taught that production is not something you overlook, as you grade the player and not the school. He said that their college guys did a great job with him, and that preseason they each will have a list of teams designated to look at to look at guys who are bubble players and who could be practice squad guys or claims at the 53-man cutdown. Grigson said that Jackson was a guy they brought in early last year - maybe even in the first or second week of the regular season - and he really impressed them with his workout in addition to his preseason film. Grigson said that he’s a kid who’s a breath of fresh air because he’s made himself relevant since the first day they brought him in, which was in December as they had kept him in their back pocket until they had an opening. He’s made himself relevant no matter what situation he’s put in, as he led the team in tackles on Monday. “The more he plays the better our appreciation is for him,” Grigson said, adding that he busts his butt and goes out there and his energy is palpable, as he plays with his hair on fire and that’s what you love about him.
  • Also concerning Edwin Jackson, Grigson said that Jackson doesn’t think the world owes him something, as he knows that he didn’t come into this thing as a big money free agent or a high draft pick. He’s literally made himself relevant and has made them not want to cut him, like Pagano says. Grigson remembered that in Jackson’s first practice he high-pointed a ball and made a pick, which isn’t something that happens everyday at the inside linebacker group. He’s a guy that, based on special teams, preseason, etc., was one of those guys that the Colts knew they couldn’t expose him to the wire, as there was something about him. It comes down to ferocity, and Grigson mentioned a huge hit early in the year, and he’s made the most of it whenever he’s got a shot and Grigson said he’s a pleasure to be around.
  • Asked about the offensive line, Grigson said that they were counted out from the get-go but answered the bell in a big way versus a very formidable front that has some dominant players and game wreackers. Grigson noted that Andrew Luck had a ton of time to throw and that it’s a game to build off of, as the line showed they’re capable. The Colts feel great about those guys, as even though it’s not perfect they’re going in the right direction with the players they have, and it’s an opportunity to grow. They know now that they’ve faced a front like that and played at that type of level, and it breeds confidence. Grigson said that it’s great for everybody on offense - wide receivers, tight ends, etc. - that they’re playing really well on the trenches.
  • Regarding Denzelle Good, Grigson said that he’s in the concussion protocol, which is a day-to-day proposition and a process. Sometimes guys get better quicker than others, but they don’t know day-to-day until they get the assessment every night from their doctors.
  • Asked about what makes Donte Moncrief a big red zone threat, Grigson pointed to his size, as he’s different from their other wideouts because of that. He’s also got a good catch radius. Grigson said they have high expectations for the group and it’s no secret, as they’re a talented group and the Colts expect a high level of production, considering where they drafted them and what they gave up to draft them, and he said they’re doing a good job. He said Moncrief is not near his ceiling and will be as good as he wants to be, as what he puts in he’ll get out. Grigson mentioned that Moncrief has five touchdowns in his last five games and is contributing to winning football for them, but he’s not near his ceiling. Grigson said that if Moncrief continues to learn to play to his size and to the level of toughness he’s capable of, the sky’s the limit for him.
  • Asked what impact a healthy Trent Cole has, Grigson said that he’s a guy who just came off of back surgery and was out there playing a significant number of snaps, batting down balls, getting pressures, and edge setting - fresh off back surgery. Grigson said he’s as great of a warrior as he’s ever been around in terms of true toughness, and the fact that he played with what he was playing with before his surgery was incredible in and of itself. Grigson has a great appreciation for a guy who’s that dedicated, and he said that Cole will get better with each game.
  • Is Grigson confident in the team’s playoff chances? He said that it’s all about Houston right now and that they don’t even let that word (playoffs) into their psyche. He said that Pagano is great about that, taking it one game at a time, and it makes no sense to think otherwise.
  • Asked how badly needed Monday’s win was, Grigson said that they did the film leading up to the game and knew what they were getting into, playing a team that played a really good team in New England down to the wire and were in it to the very end, and then had played three good games before that and that won ten games last year. Grigson said that it was a really great win, especially on the road in 30 degrees or whatever, and to go out and perform like they did. They can build off of it, but it’s rare to have wins in this league that lopsided so you rejoice in that because it’s so hard to win in this league, but when you get one like that on the road it’s one that’s a skin for the wall. Grigson said that’s a great win for Pagano and a great win for the organization. He said there’s a lot to be said for it, but they had to wash it off before they touched down and look forward to this Sunday, as there’s no other choice.
  • Once again on Edwin Jackson, Grigson said that anytime they’ve had to call on him he’s responded, and Pagano, Grigson, and the others on the staff have no reason to think otherwise [for this Sunday] because he’s going to prepare and is going to leave it all out on the field. He said that Jackson is one of those guys that if he does make a mistake it’s going to be at 150 miles per hour, not 110 or 100, so it’s nice when you start seeing those flashes or periods where he’s taken his game to another level. He mentioned the 3rd and 1 play on Matt Forte when Jackson came through the line of scrimmage like a bullet and made that huge play in the backfield where Forte didn’t even know what hit him. Grigson said those are the kind of plays that show someone’s maturation and that they’re not just a guy.
  • Grigson said that he doesn’t think the word playoffs should even be in their head and they shouldn’t know who they play beyond the Houston Texans. “Our fans need to go haywire in this one,” Grigson said. “It’s a big, big, big game.” He said that not only is it the next one but it’s a home game versus a division opponent. Enough said.
  • Grigson said that except for a couple divisions in this league the parity is rampant from division to division. He said there are no bad teams in the NFL, and every week you better bring a game or you’re going to get slapped around. In the Colts’ situation they’re far from a team that could ever look beyond the now. Grigson said that Pagano is exemplary the last five years in pounding that home, as he’s consistent in one way and that’s how he does it.
  • As he finished, Grigson said that there are some times he can recall even with the roof open [at Lucas Oil Stadium] you couldn’t hear yourself think, and this is one of those games. He said that players are going to bring their A-game, and the 12th Man’s got to bring their A-game too.