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Patriots owner Robert Kraft takes shot at Peyton, Eli Manning

Patriots owner Robert Kraft took a small shot at the Manning brothers, pointing out that Tom Brady still has as many rings as the two of them combined (he's not wrong).

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

If there's one thing we know about Patriots owner Robert Kraft, it's that he doesn't like the Indianapolis Colts very much.  He has previously said that "there is nothing more satisfying" than giving the Colts a loss, and recently he decided to take a small shot at the Colts' greatest player, Peyton Manning.

Of course, Manning - now with the Broncos - just won his second Super Bowl this past Sunday when Denver defeated the Carolina Panthers 24-10.  Kraft wants to remind everyone of one thing, however: Tom Brady has more rings.

"I happened to see Archie [Manning] there [at the Super Bowl]," Kraft recently said on WCVB-TV, according to Pats Pulpit.  "He has two sons who have won two Super Bowls [each].  But with all due respect, we have one son who has won four."

He's not wrong.  Peyton Manning has two rings, Eli Manning has two rings, and Tom Brady has four rings.  Kraft isn't wrong about that part, and it's certainly an incredibly impressive accomplishment for the franchise over the past decade and a half.  But it's still kinda funny to take a shot at the brothers who have prevented Kraft's franchise from potentially winning five more championships.  In Bill Belichick's tenure in New England, he has lost nine playoff games - five of them have been to the Mannings.  Peyton Manning has a 3-2 playoff record against Belichick and the Patriots, winning three conference title games against the Patriots.  Eli Manning has a 2-0 playoff record against Belichick and the Patriots, winning two Super Bowls over New England.  Combined, the Manning brothers are 5-2 against the Patriots in the playoffs, proving to be the biggest obstacle to the Patriots not winning more titles.  So while Kraft's "son" has more rings than any Manning son, the Mannings hold the overall edge when it comes to playoff matchups.

Ultimately, this is nothing more than a harmless little shot at the Mannings, and before Colts fans get worked up about it, realize that you'd love it too if it came from Indy's owner.  But Robert Kraft just can't help taking a small shot at Peyton and Eli Manning, and that's ok.  The biggest question in all of this probably isn't even about the rings but instead is this: when did Robert Kraft adopt Tom Brady?

Perhaps the biggest takeaway from Kraft's interview, however, was that the one thing he regrets about the 2015 season is not getting home field advantage in the playoffs.  That's what happened when the Patriots lost their regular season finale, and it ultimately meant that they had to go to Denver for the conference title game - something that very well could have been a big factor.  Unfortunately for Kraft, however, that didn't happen, and while he tries to discount Peyton Manning's rings, the funny reality is that if it weren't for the Manning brothers, Kraft would almost surely be wearing more than four of them on his hand.