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NFL Mock Draft 2016: Andrew Aziz's Colts mock draft 3.0

Stampede Blue's Andrew Aziz returns with another instalment of his Colts mock draft with a twist!

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Since many of you just jump the good part, not read any of the important information needed before you read the good part and post ill-informed comments, I'm posting a disclaimer.

This is for fun. I don't have a crystal ball and I'm not relaying any future information that only my Canadian mind has access too. This is PURELY for fun, because it's the offseason and the only thing that's fun about the offseason is the draft process and free agency. Unless you want me to start predicting which vacation spots the players will head to (which I will if there's a demand for that type of article), I'll keep doing these offseason mock drafts.

This is merely an educational article that I created to try and help you became more knowledgable on the draft process. I KNOW that every one of you have different mock drafts and/or different theories and that's fine. It doesn't mean yours is bad and it doesn't mean mine is bad. This is merely my way of expressing how I feel the Colts should approach the offseason, in a realistic way based on real numbers.

So with all of that being outlined, please enjoy:

Re-Signed & Cut Players


Jerrell Freeman -- 4 years, 6.2M per year

Coby Fleener -- 4 years, 4M per year

Colt Anderson -- 2 years, 1M per year

Billy Winn -- 2 years, 2M per year

Dwight Lowery -- 2 years, 2.75M per year

Total Cap Hit  15.95M

Pre-March 9 Cuts

Bjoern Werner

Sio Moore

Earl Okine

Ryan Lindley (UPDATE: Already Cut)

Winston Guy

Tevin Mitchel

Cap Savings: $5,158,283

Free Agency Signings

I am a very big "build through the draft" type of guy, so you won't see me advocating major free agency moves unless it fills a major need and it doesn't kill the salary cap.

Each player's contract projection is based off three important models:

- The market value (i.e. cornerback market)

- The player's production history

- The player's potential

Trumaine Johnson (CB) -- 4 years, 5.6M per year

Tony Bergstrom (OG) -- 3 years, 3M per year

Derek Anderson (QB) -- 1 year, 2.8M per year

Total Cap Hit  11.40M

Mock Draft

I used the FanSpeak Premium simulator using the Matt Miller rankings.

Round 1 -- 18th Overall
Shaq Lawson -- Edge Defender -- Clemson

It's no secret that the Colts need a pass rusher. They need a pass rusher badly! Lawson was the emotional leader of the Clemson Tigers' defense that was one of the best in the country. He has translatable pass rushing skills and the speed to power transfer that you look for in top prospects. Lawson would have an immediate impact for the Colts due to his experience against top opponents, and success on Clemson's defense. We saw in this year's Super Bowl how important a good pass rush is, so addressing that position is a must in this year's draft.

Round 2 -- 48th Overall
Paul Perkins -- Running Back -- UCLA

The Colts not only need a rotational running back for next season, but they need a running back for the future. Perkins is an extremely impressive prospect with good agility, can make defenders miss and has breakaway/home run speed. Perkins would serve as a very good backup/situational running back for the 2016 season. It would also take a lot of pressure off Gore. I understand the resentment that many fans and even people within the Colts organization may have on taking a running back early, but this is a necessary move (if they don't go after a very good running back in free agent).

Round 3 -- 82nd Overall
Nick Martin -- Center -- Notre Dame

Addressing the offensive line is a must for the Colts. The center spot has been a big issue for the Colts ever since Jeff Saturday left town, so addressing that position is a must in this year's draft class. Martin is a local product and has plenty of experience at Notre Dame. Martin is a player who can start immediately and have a positive impact. Martin may be the best center in this year's draft class, so if he's there in the 3rd round, the Colts must pounce on him.

Round 4 -- 113th Overall
Jerrell Adams -- Tight End -- South Carolina

I expect the Colts to keep Coby Fleener and not Dwayne Allen. Even if it's the other way around, it does not seem like the Colts will be keeping both Fleener and Allen. Adams has been rising up the draft boards in recent weeks and for good reason. He's a big bodied, athletic player with a very good motor. He's skinny and needs to bulk up, but over time, he could be a very good player for the Colts. This pick provides depth at tight end and long term potential for the Colts.

Round 5 -- 143rd Overall
Cody Kessler -- Quarterback -- USC

As of February 13th, I have Kessler as my #4 quarterback in the draft. He's an impressive prospect with very good traits, good leadership ability, and good translatable skills. Kessler would be a good, immediate, suitable backup for the Colts and is the type of quarterback who can come in and manage a couple of games in his rookie year if needed if Luck is hurt. He is a good, secure backup to have and is one of the top quarterbacks in this year's draft.

Round 7 -- 207th Overall
Jordan Walsh -- Offensive Guard -- Iowa

Walsh was a big part of a great offensive line in Iowa. Walsh is experienced and he comes from a great, pro style system that has created a lot of great NFL offensive lineman. Walsh isn't a guy who can come in and start right away, but at least he can come in and provide some much needed depth. Walsh is more of a "phone booth" type of blocker and the Colts need those type of blockers if they expect to improve their running game.