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Four Colts make list of top 100 free agents

SB Nation put together a ranking of the top 100 free agents, and four Colts players made the list.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

As the offseason gets underway, there are already reports of who the Colts might move on from (Andre Johnson), and another discussion that will be taking place is who they want to bring back.  With the Scouting Combine going on this week, teams and agents will all be Indianapolis and plenty of conversations will take place, and the Colts have several free agents that they likely will want to retain.

SB Nation's Ryan Van Bibber recently put together a list ranking the top 100 free agents, and four Colts made his list.  Inside linebacker Jerrell Freeman checked in at number 46, kicker Adam Vinatieri at number 80, tight end Dwayne Allen at number 84, and tight end Coby Fleener at number 95.

Adam Vinatieri wants to play in 2016 and the Colts have said they want to bring him back, so that seems all but certain to happen.  The other moves, however, are far less of a sure thing.  Jerrell Freeman is regarded as the team's best free agent and the one they most need to bring back, but it's unclear whether the Colts will want to pay him the type of money he's likely to get after a career season last year.  Then with the tight ends, the Colts may very well have to make a decision between the two of them, which is an interesting subject and it could go either way - likely depending quite a bit on the contracts.

The four players listed are certainly guys the Colts would like to have back, but salary cap reasons may prevent that from happening.  Vinatieri will surely be back, and it's likely the team will re-sign at least one of the tight ends.  Freeman will be a priority, but it's not certain whether he'll actually be back or not.  Either way, the Colts have some decisions to make on some good players in free agency, as four of their own made this list of the top 100 free agents this offseason.