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Colts have not yet begun contract negotiations with Andrew Luck

General manager Ryan Grigson told the Indianapolis Star that contract negotiations with Andrew Luck have not yet begun but that they will likely take place soon.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Colts owner Jim Irsay has said that he wants to sign quarterback Andrew Luck to a long-term contract extension this offseason, and the quarterback has stated that he would like to get things worked out this year as well.

There's every reason to expect a new deal to happen sometime this offseason, then, but according to general manager Ryan Grigson, the negotiations haven't yet begun.

"Both sides are motivated," Grigson told the Indianapolis Star's Stephen Holder today.  "We obviously want Andrew here.  I really don't anticipate any issues with that.  I can't talk about any numbers or anything like that.  We haven't started any of those discussions.  But that will probably happen soon."

There's really no rush for those negotiations to take place, as obviously the team's first priority at this time of year is focusing on those players whose contracts are set to expire in a few weeks.  Luck is signed through the 2016 season thanks to his fifth-year option, so the more pressing concerns at this moment are the soon-to-be free agents.

At the same time, however, the Colts would like to get a new deal worked out with Luck this offseason, and it's still very likely that it will happen.  Grigson said the negotiations haven't begun yet, but they're expected to take place soon.  Jim Irsay has said that it will likely be a nine-figure extension, and the deal is expected to place Luck among the highest-paid players in football.  The deal will be coming, the only question that remains is when it will happen.