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Peyton Manning becomes first quarterback in NFL history to win 200 games as starter

Peyton Manning became the first quarterback in NFL history to win 200 games as a starting quarterback (regular season and postseason combined) as the Broncos defeated the Panthers in the Super Bowl.

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

It might have been the last game of Peyton Manning's storied NFL career, but it was an incredibly momentous one.  Not only did Manning win his second Super Bowl as the Broncos won 24-10, but Manning also notched his 200th career win as a starting quarterback in the NFL, becoming the first player to ever do that.

Manning tied Brett Favre with 186 regular wins in the regular season, the most of all-time, but due to injury and then getting benched for one game, Manning finished the 2015 regular season stuck at that same number.  That means he would end his career tied for the most regular season wins, but as he notched his 14th playoff win on Sunday night, Manning broke a tie with Favre for total career victories, becoming the first to reach 200.

Of course, a significant portion of Manning's wins came with the Indianapolis Colts, as he recorded 150 of his 200 wins during his 14 years with the Colts.  In total, Manning has gone 186-79 in the regular season and 14-13 in the postseason.  Quarterback wins aren't a good way at all to judge a player (after all, Manning won a Super Bowl in his worst NFL season), but they are a nice accomplishment worth noting.  That's exactly what this is for Manning, as it's a tremendous milestone that shows his longevity and his success.

If Manning does retire as is expected, he will hang it up as the league's all-time leader in passing yards and passing touchdowns and will go down as one of the very best players of all-time.  We can add another record to his resume now, as he's the first quarterback to ever win 200 games in the NFL.