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Colts were interested in signing Drew Stanton as their backup quarterback

Cardinals quarterback Drew Stanton said on Arizona Sports 98.7 this morning that the Colts were one of the teams interested in him before he re-signed with Arizona.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

The Indianapolis Colts are in the market for a backup quarterback for Andrew Luck, as they informed Matt Hasselbeck that he wouldn't be re-signed (he then retired and joined ESPN) and released Josh Freeman, who many thought would be the backup for 2016.

Now, that means they will be looking for a quarterback to play behind Luck, a position that we saw the value of last season.  One potential option for the Colts appeared to be Drew Stanton until he re-signed with the Arizona Cardinals, and Stanton confirmed that the Colts were interested.

Appearing on the Doug and Wolf show on Thursday on Arizona Sports 98.7, Stanton said that he didn't have the opportunity to go anywhere as the starter this time in free agency (though that's his goal to work toward) but did acknowledge that the decision to return to Arizona was difficult at times.

"It was [difficult] at times," Stanton admitted.  "I think that going through this process is a stressful one because at times it seems like the day is flying by and you have to make a decision and you don't know what's going on, and at times it feels like it's standing still.  So there were times that it was definitely difficult because I had the decision to go back to a place that I loved in Indianapolis and a chance to be reunited with some other people and do some different things that I've crossed paths with before, but again, when I started looking at all the pros of being in this situation and being here, it was pretty clear to me in the end."

Stanton was the Colts' backup quarterback quarterback behind Andrew Luck in 2012 and played for Bruce Arians, and then when Arians became the head coach in Arizona he brought Stanton with him as the backup quarterback there.  Stanton has done well for himself in his three years in Arizona, and he decided to re-sign with them on a new two-year deal.  For him, it makes perfect sense - as much as he may have liked Indianapolis, getting to play with Bruce Arians should be a dream fit for quarterbacks and is the best chance that Stanton has at developing into that potential starter like he said he wants to.  So while he admitted it was difficult, he made the right choice in continuing with B.A. in Arizona.

It does mean that the Colts were interested in him, however, and he would have been a great backup option for them.  They're left still searching, however, but at least they realize the need for a reliable backup behind Luck.