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Report: Jerrell Freeman meeting with Bears today

According to FOX59's Chris Hagan, Colts inside linebacker Jerrell Freeman is in Chicago meeting with the Bears today. The Falcons and Giants are also reportedly interested.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Last night, FOX59's Chris Hagan reported that the Colts and inside linebacker Jerrell Freeman are not close on a new contract and that talks aren't going well, and as a result it seems like Freeman is looking elsewhere.  Hagan reported this morning that Freeman is in Chicago today meeting with the Bears, while the Falcons and the Giants are also interested in the linebacker's services.  Hagan also used the word "standstill" to describe the Colts' negotiations with Freeman.

In other words, even though it's now the third day of free agency, things aren't looking much better for the Colts when it comes to keeping Freeman.  It's unclear where the disagreement is coming, but it's likely related to money.  Freeman has said that he wants to be paid fairly after playing four seasons for cheap, and that makes sense - especially when considering that he will be 30 years old this offseason and this may be his last shot to get a nice payday in the NFL.  The question is how much Freeman is asking for and how far apart the two sides are, and we don't know what Freeman wants or what the Colts are offering.

Freeman is a good player and some team is going to get a good inside linebacker in signing him, though the longer he is available the less likely it becomes that he'll get the money he wants.  He has been incredibly productive over the past four seasons in Indianapolis, and the Colts will need to figure out a plan to replace him if they are not able to keep him around.  We know that in contract negotiations a lot can change really quickly, but at this point it doesn't sound too promising for the Colts keeping Freeman, and that has led to him visiting the Bears today.