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Report: Contract talks between Bears and Jerrell Freeman "have not progressed"

According to the Chicago Tribune's Brad Biggs, even though Jerrell Freeman was visiting the Bears today the contract negotiations "have not progressed."

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Former Colts inside linebacker Jerrell Freeman is visiting the Chicago Bears today, but the Chicago Tribune's Brad Biggs reports that contract negotiations between Freeman and the Bears "have not progressed."

There are several teams reportedly interested in Freeman, as the Colts remain interested, while the Falcons are confirmed to have interest as well.  The Bears obviously do too, as they had Freeman in for a visit, and the Giants have been reported to have some interest too.  In other words, there are several teams that seem to have at least some interest in bringing in Jerrell Freeman.

It makes sense, too, as he's a good inside linebacker who has produced a lot over the past four years with the Colts.  He has played for super cheap, however, and wants to get a payday now, and the Colts seem unwilling to agree.  It's likely that the team has made their offer and are now waiting to see whether Freeman will take it.  It's unknown what the Colts are offering or what Freeman is asking for, but the fact that the Colts have not yet re-signed him, added with the fact that contract talks with the Bears reportedly haven't gone anywhere, give some indication that perhaps Freeman is asking for more than teams think he's worth.  We'll see what ends up happening, but as of right now, there are several teams interested but none that seem to be getting very far in contract negotiations.

UPDATE: The original story in which Biggs allegedly said that talks between Jerrell Freeman and the Bears "have not progressed" has since been updated, with nothing close to the comments being mentioned.  It is unclear, therefore, whether the report mentioned in the above tweet from's Kevin Bowen is accurate or not.  Either way, Freeman visited the Bears on Friday and, as of yet, has not signed a deal with the team.