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2016 NFL Draft Order: Colts' six picks officially set

The 2016 NFL Draft order is officially set, including the Colts' six selections.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

On Friday, the NFL officially announced the compensatory picks that have been awarded to teams this year, adding 33 total picks to the 2016 NFL Draft in rounds three through seven.  As expected, the Indianapolis Colts did not receive any compensatory picks this year, but they do have six other picks to work with.  And, with the announcement of the compensatory picks, the 2016 NFL Draft order is officially set.

Here is the full list of the Colts' six draft picks this year:

1st round, pick number 18 overall

2nd round, pick number 48 overall

3rd round, pick number 82 overall

4th round, pick number 116 overall

5th round, pick number 155 overall

7th round, pick number 239 overall

As things currently stand, then, the Colts will have one pick on the first day of the draft (first round), two picks on the second day (second and third rounds), and three picks on the third day (third round and beyond).  The only round that the Colts do not currently hold a pick in is the sixth round, as the Colts' 194th overall selection belongs to the Oakland Raiders as compensation for the trade that sent Sio Moore to Indianapolis last year.

This year's draft is especially important for the Colts, as with Andrew Luck's looming mega-deal and other players being extended (T.Y. Hilton, Anthony Castonzo, and Dwayne Allen have all gotten significant extensions in the past year), the Colts will have less money to spend on free agency moving forward.  That will mean building more through the draft, which by default means hitting on those draft choices.  It's a crucial draft for Ryan Grigson and company, then, and while the team could certainly make some trades involving picks, as it currently stands the Colts will have six choices to work with.