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Colts inquire about moving Washington State linebacker Kache Palacio to fullback

According to the Seattle Times, the Colts were one of three teams to ask Washington State linebacker Kache Palacio about moving to fullback at his pro day.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL Draft is still over a month away, but teams are busy at work in scouting players to see which ones they may want to target in the draft.  The Colts are certainly doing that, as they've been making the round at pro days and we've seen several reports about them having interest in certain players.

One such player appears to be Washington State linebacker Kache Palacio.  As Brent Fatig caught on twitter, the Seattle Times mentioned how Palacio told them that at his pro day three teams asked him about moving from linebacker to fullback: the Seattle Seahawks, Kansas City Chiefs, and Indianapolis Colts.

Palacio was a very productive linebacker for Washington State, as in four years there he played in 50 games (starting 32 of them) and recorded 147 tackles, 26 tackles for loss, 17 sacks, eight forced fumbles, and two fumble recoveries.  He is not expected to be drafted, but it appears that some teams do have at least a bit of interest in picking him up - if even as a fullback.  He told the Seattle Times that he would prefer to play linebacker in the NFL but that he'd be willing to move to fullback if a team asked him to, and he went through some workouts as a fullback at his pro day at the request of some NFL teams.

It's very interesting that the Colts would consider taking a linebacker who has produced as a pass rusher in college (the team's biggest area of need) and moving him to fullback (a position the Colts haven't used in a couple of years and that isn't common in the NFL), but it appears they at least inquired about that possibility at Palacio's pro day.  Still, it does go to show the depths that teams will go to in the scouting process - asking a linebacker at Washington State who isn't projected to be drafted about potentially moving positions to fullback.  It's unclear whether it will happen or not, but at least the Colts are doing their due diligence and going in depth in researching prospects all over the country.