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Ryan Grigson on Colts' running back position: "We're not done there"

Colts general manager Ryan Grigson told the media on Tuesday that the Colts aren't done addressing the running back position.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

So far in free agency the Indianapolis Colts have made only a few minor signings, but two of them have come at the running back position.

The Colts signed Robert Turbin and Jordan Todman to contracts recently, adding depth to the running back position behind Frank Gore.  The team now has five backs - Gore, Turbin, Todman, Tyler Varga, and Trey Williams - but it sounds like they're going to continue looking for more.

Meeting with members of the media on Tuesday, Colts general manager Ryan Grigson talked about the running position and some of the recent moves, hinting that more may be coming.

"Well, you know, I think those were just signings that made a lot of sense on a lot of different levels," Grigson said of the two signings.  "Robert [Turbin] fit us from a financial standpoint.  It was something that he wanted because of the opportunity, and here's a guy that was behind a really great running in Seattle in [Marshawn] Lynch that has 5-plus average per carry, came out and ran 4.41 at 222 pounds, [is] smart, could provide some blocking on third down.  But again, you've got Tyler Varga coming back, who really, really flashed before he had the injury.  You've got [Jordan] Todman who's got gunner ability, who has third down ability, is elusive.  He's another 4.40 guy coming out as a junior that actually, for a smaller guy, runs with some strength and courage between the tackles.  But again, we're not done there, probably, either.  There's a lot of good backs that you can get, as in Vick Ballard, and then there's those elite backs that they're going to be in this draft that, when you have an elite back in your midst, that's hard to pass on sometimes as well."

The running back position is one of those hidden needs for the Colts, as it's a need but isn't a position with a starting spot open like some of the others.  The Colts have Frank Gore as their starter, but he will turn 33 years old this offseason.  The Colts could really use a backup behind him that they can develop as their eventual starter, and it's unlikely that either of the guys they signed this offseason are the best options.  Therefore, it wouldn't be a surprise at all to see the Colts grab a running back in the draft.  The moves the Colts have made this offseason give them some breathing room at the running back position, but it doesn't sound like they're done yet, nor should they be.