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D'Qwell Jackson fined $1,000 for assaulting pizza delivery man

Colts linebacker D'Qwell Jackson was fined $1,000 for simple assault stemming from an incident where he allegedly punched a pizza delivery driver last year.

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Earlier this month, Colts inside linebacker D'Qwell Jackson was found guilty of simple assault stemming from an incident in which he allegedly punched a pizza delivery driver last year.  On Friday, Jackson was sentenced in a hearing and required to pay a $1,000 fine.

More serious punishment could have included up to six months of jail time, but according to the Indianapolis Star (citing Jackson's lawyer), the judge found that a more severe sentence was not warranted and that a $1,000 fine was appropriate.  Jackson doesn't have a criminal history, which likely factored into the decision.  This isn't the end of the case, however, as Jackson told the Star that he plans to appeal, as he still maintains that he is innocent.  Furthermore, there is a civil suit against Jackson relating to the same incident that is still pending.

Jackson's plan to appeal the verdict of a $1,000 fine may seem odd initially since it's not a very stiff punishment, but it does make sense.  Jackson continues to maintain that he is innocent and hopes to clear his name, and it could potentially have an impact on any potential NFL discipline.  The league can punish him under the personal conduct policy and that punishment could include a fine and/or suspension, and it's possible that if Jackson wins his appeal the league would notice and be less inclined to punish him.  It doesn't guarantee that it will work out that way, but it's certainly possible and it certainly could be a part of Jackson's thinking in appealing the verdict.