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Should the Colts re-sign Adam Vinatieri?

It's the easiest question the Colts will face all offseason: should they re-sign kicker Adam Vinatieri?

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Of all the decisions the Colts have to make regarding their own free agents, there is none easier than whether to re-sign kicker Adam Vinatieri.

Vinatieri has been the most accurate kicker in the NFL over the past two seasons, converting 94.8% of his field goals including 22 kicks from 40+ yards.  He once again has come up clutch, hitting two game-winners for the Colts in 2015, and he has been one of the league's best kickers in recent years.  In 2014, he was a Pro Bowler and a first-team All-Pro.  Though he's 43 years old, Vinatieri has stated that he wants to continue playing, and if 2015 was any indication, he can still do so at a very high level.  He converted his first 30 kicks of the 2014 season before missing his final one, while in 2015 he finished the year by making 25 in a row after two early misses.  During his ten years with the Colts, Vinatieri has hit 240 of 277 field goals (86.6%) and, when taking his 20-year career into account, he's likely heading for the Hall of Fame once he's done playing.

According to a recent report from NFL Media's Ian Rapoport, the Colts are working to re-sign Vinatieri, which comes as no surprise when considering that Vinatieri and Colts owner Jim Irsay have both expressed a desire for the kicker to continue wearing the horseshoe.  The question with Vinatieri really is about how much his contract will be worth, not whether the Colts should give him one.  We saw last seasons just how important kickers can be and just how hard it can be to find a reliable one, and as long as Adam Vinatieri continues to be as trustworthy and automatic as he has been, there's really no decision to be made.  The Colts need to bring Vinatieri back, the Colts almost certainly will bring Vinatieri back, and it will be a good deal for both sides.  As I mentioned earlier, this one should be about as easy as the decisions come for Indianapolis this offseason.