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Should the Colts re-sign Billy Winn?

Defensive lineman Billy Winn has already indicated that he won't be back with the Colts, but is that the right move?

Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

As we continue our look at whether the Colts should re-sign each of their free agents, we arrive at the discussion of whether they should re-sign defensive lineman Billy Winn.  This article will be slightly different from the others, as Winn previously indicated that the Colts won't be re-signing him.

In an an Instagram post in February, Winn wrote, "Would like to thank the #Indianapolis #Colts organization for the opportunity.  It's been a blessing to live the #NFL journey for 4 great years.  Let's hope there are more to come.  #footballislife #grind #Truth #freeagency"

In other words, this article will be more examining whether the Colts are making the right decision in letting Winn walk, as it does appear as if Winn won't be back.

The Colts acquired Winn in a trade with the Cleveland Browns shortly before the season began, and he ended up playing in 12 games (three starts) with the Colts, making 14 tackles and two fumble recoveries.  His season ended a few weeks early due to a torn rotator cuff, but during the time he was on the field he was a solid contributor.  He proved to be a capable player when the Colts needed him to fill in, and he is a nice depth guy to have around.  It wouldn't be a bad thing at all, then, if the team were to bring him back for another season to fill a similar role.

At the same time, however, the Colts have plenty of depth along the defensive line.  Henry Anderson, Kendall Langford, David Parry, and Arthur Jones all are capable starters, while the team still could add another defensive lineman to that mix this offseason whether through free agency or the draft.  Other players, like Zach Kerr, T.Y. McGill, and Earl Okine are also good depth players, leaving Billy Winn very expendable.  The Colts have capable starters and capable depth players for their defensive line, so there's really not a huge need to bring Winn back.  It wouldn't be a bad idea to do so, but you also can't fault the Colts for seemingly moving on.